Over the recent years its been stated by so many news trade officials and indeed members of the NFRN that the federation fails in its duty to represent the membership in a manner one expects from a so called trade union.

Its been criticized severely on their lack lustre approach to Publishers on so many serious concerns for their members, with trade terms being cut, carriage charge increases and handling allowances for weekend supplements being major priorities. Another issue that has been a major thorn in the federations side is the dreaded third party inserts, whereby newsagents have left the NFRN in their droves simply because they felt they were abused with this matter.

Last week, Brian Webb representing HNDA Ltd (Home News Delivery Association) contacted the CEO at Toys R Us and informed him that their 151 gram brochure in most newspapers last weekend did NOT reach the consumers as they expected. Hundreds of newsagents all over the country remove all inserts simply because the publishers expect the retailers to perform the operation without being financially reimbursed in the normal manner.  Publishers produce the Advertisers with these “fictitious” figures of reaching the consumers, when in actual fact the figures are totally inaccurate of the real number achieved.

The news trade is fully aware of this issue, but Publishers still continue to “hood wink” the Advertisers. To make matters even worse, over the past few days the NFRN have come out shouting that the HND newsagents are losing £1700 annually for not signing the publishers handling allowance document! It also states that several rounds man are earning TEN THOUSAND pounds a year from delivering TPI’s! On record we challenge the NFRN to back up this statement with the identities of these so called HND newsagents, but we know this is another ploy to keep the publishers happy!

One of the largest HND newsagents in the Country (from Devon) contacted us this week and showed us an open letter he has sent to  the weekly trade magazine on this issue, the gentleman (who is still a NFRN National Councillor) informs the NFRN news operation controller Brian Murphy that he will never deliver TPI’s until he proved his worth by significantly improving the out of date terms. Royal Mail or any other leaflet delivery companies would NEVER entertain such payments which is a total embarrassment for our members. The newsagent continued  he will continue his crusade until such time retailers are rewarded in a financial manner that compensates the extra work load involved This man will NOT be a MUG for anyone!

The sheer arrogance of the NFRN defies the logic of representing its membership, stating its members who have 500 customers are losing £1700 a year for not repeatedly signing publishers cumulative document, this statement clearly  underlines to the outside world that the NFRN and National Publishers are indeed rowing the same crooked boat TOGETHER!