Its on the News Trade Records that HNDA boss stated publicly many years ago at a National Federation Conference in Torquay that the only way the News Industry would have chance to survive was that all three parties (Publishers, Wholesalers. and the most important cog in the wheel we Independent Newsagents) all work together. Failure would be suicidal!

Its now 2018 and a number of Publishers and indeed the two Wholesalers are hell bent to destroy in Industry, yes we know Murdock said there wouldn’t be papers in 2030, but then the next minute he goes and introduce the Sunday SUN! There’s the Mirror group spending millions on buying the Express titles, and now producing newspapers that know longer are value for money! What the hell is going on?

Last weekend was a complete nightmare with the DAILY TELEGRAPH.

Friday many newsagents received a letter from Paul Little stating the Telegraph would be doing without the poly bag magazine and producing a sleeve around it. Saturday arrives and the front page has a full strip advertising their digital programme, have 30 days FREE then it will be £3 a week and will be published on your digital equipment by 5am every morning! NOT only that, the mentioned sleeve around the magazine was all about the digital way of life. £3 a week on your screen by 5am!!

Well STUFF you Mr Telegraph, you went across the white line, its obvious you are trying to kill the printed copy and the HND newsagents at the same time, in future we will just take the firm sale orders, and finally please note here’s one newsagent who removed all the magazine sleeves!! I say again, only working together will we survive, GET IT!!