For too many years its been the same old story that there are THREE players on the News Trade football pitch shooting into the same direction BUT Newsagents have constantly been shafted from pillar to post. The time has now arrive when this cannot and will not continue, because if the situation continues the News Trade will die of death sooner rather than later.

One leading Newsagent summed it up perfectly on social media last week by stating Publishers and Wholesalers are a bunch of wasters just trying their utmost to ruin our (Newsagents) livelihoods. When will they realise without us Newsagents, they will be out of business.

All over the country we continue to get late papers, Why? there is no excuse for this under any circumstances, Publishers are printing SIX MILLION copies a day LESS than they were some 8 years ago, but just lately the situation is getting a whole lot worse, take Reach PLC they now put the Express papers on the Mirror lorry which has caused continuous lateness into the Wholesalers warehouses. Then we have NEWS UK causing mega problems with a faulty printing machine that led to some newsagents receiving supplies at 12 noon on Friday August 2nd!!

Its been said before, so lets spell it out again for the LAST TIME.

The news trade can still be a prosperous business providing all three parties can work together, its totally essential that all Home News Delivered Copies are on the Customers breakfast table every morning, No IFs, No BUTS, but 100% true statement, which means publishers meeting the cut off times at wholesalers depots EVERY MORNING, to enable newspapers being delivered to the Newsagents for the breakfast time delivery. All bundles being wrapped with a brown paper cover, no more putting labels on the papers, its simple and its NOT costly.

Going back to Friday August 2nd. I receive a call at 4-15am from Smiths News in Peterborough, saying papers on there way but NO SUN, TELEGRAPH, and TIMES not due in till 5am! Are you fetching them Webbo, YES, I do a 70mile round trip to Norman Cross the other side of Peterborough, bring FOUR other Newsagents papers back and arrive back in Wisbech at 6.15am, spending the day two hours later than normal! Its no wonder three Newsagents this weekend have decided enough is enough! When will PUBLISHERS ever learn?