As one of the leading and certainly the most experience persons within the News Trade Industry especially with Home News Delivery, the time has come for yours truly to rattle a few cages and point the finger at the individuals who are destroying our lively hoods by acting in a manner that is certainly not needed with our Industry.

Over the recent weeks we have had publishers acting in a manner that can only be described as under handed and more to the point totally dishonest, no other Industry would allow one so called partner act in this manner, certainly not without any fight back that is essential if we are to continue within the trade.

Lets start with REACH PLC, the Company that only two years ago paid £126 million to buy Richard Desmond’s Express newspapers, and ever since they have been increasing the cover prices and steadily cutting out terms at the same time, whilst the newspapers are slowly but surely getting less value for money than ever before, but all the time the Shareholders are getting more greedy by the day!

The word honesty is not in their vocabulary, they are totally dishonest to their trade partners, and quite frankly couldn’t give a “monkeys”, Gone are the days when a publisher sends us Newsagents a pre-letter explaining any terms reductions, and they get away with it solely because no one apart from this mouth does anything.

Take a couple of weeks ago, Reach PLC put the price of the Express, Star, and Saturday Mirror up 10p, and that wasn’t enough so they dipped into our profits without saying a word. What they did announce was any Newsagent who handles the Express / Star polybags terms will be pro- rata, meaning no terms cuts!! Marvellous, yes, that’s right two faced SCUM BAGS!

Why are we Newsagents allowing them to get away with this, more to the point why is the NFRN (National Federation of Retail Newsagents) who say have over 15000 members paying £403 a year membership not being represented in a manner expected. Their bosses have not breathed a word, just let the Publisher do as they wish. Makes one wonder if they are not tarred with the same brush! Then there’s the weekly trade magazine RN (Retail Newsagent), it appears we can longer rely on their support, NOT ONE WORD has been mention on this latest underhanded robbery!

Now moving on to the publishers of the Radio Times, who have increased their cover price by 30p to £3.30p, and their editor Mark Firth openly apologises for the increase but hopes his readers new years resolution was to allow him to post the Radio Times each week for a mere £1.90p!!, which in hindsight means “Stuff the Newsagents” who have been their saviour over the years, but we no longer need their services. Look inside and see our offer of 12 issues for a POUND says Firth, this week its SIX issues for a pound, next week they may give up!!

So my message to all HND Newsagents, don’t sit their doing or saying nothing, come and fight them and join the many others at HNDA Ltd, together we will fight anyone whose hell bent in destroying our business, we believe in HONESTY at all times, underhanded Crookes are not wanted within our News Trade Industry.