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Don’t let PUBLISHERS kill YOUR NEWS Trade business!

As one of the leading and certainly the most experience persons within the News Trade Industry especially with Home News Delivery, the time has come for yours truly to rattle a few cages and point the finger at the individuals who are destroying our lively hoods by acting in a manner that is certainly not needed with our Industry.

Over the recent weeks we have had publishers acting in a manner that can only be described as under handed and more to the point totally dishonest, no other Industry would allow one so called partner act in this manner, certainly not without any fight back that is essential if we are to continue within the trade.

Lets start with REACH PLC, the Company that only two years ago paid £126 million to buy Richard Desmond’s Express newspapers, and ever since they have been increasing the cover prices and steadily cutting out terms at the same time, whilst the newspapers are slowly but surely getting less value for money than ever before, but all the time the Shareholders are getting more greedy by the day!

The word honesty is not in their vocabulary, they are totally dishonest to their trade partners, and quite frankly couldn’t give a “monkeys”, Gone are the days when a publisher sends us Newsagents a pre-letter explaining any terms reductions, and they get away with it solely because no one apart from this mouth does anything.

Take a couple of weeks ago, Reach PLC put the price of the Express, Star, and Saturday Mirror up 10p, and that wasn’t enough so they dipped into our profits without saying a word. What they did announce was any Newsagent who handles the Express / Star polybags terms will be pro- rata, meaning no terms cuts!! Marvellous, yes, that’s right two faced SCUM BAGS!

Why are we Newsagents allowing them to get away with this, more to the point why is the NFRN (National Federation of Retail Newsagents) who say have over 15000 members paying £403 a year membership not being represented in a manner expected. Their bosses have not breathed a word, just let the Publisher do as they wish. Makes one wonder if they are not tarred with the same brush! Then there’s the weekly trade magazine RN (Retail Newsagent), it appears we can longer rely on their support, NOT ONE WORD has been mention on this latest underhanded robbery!

Now moving on to the publishers of the Radio Times, who have increased their cover price by 30p to £3.30p, and their editor Mark Firth openly apologises for the increase but hopes his readers new years resolution was to allow him to post the Radio Times each week for a mere £1.90p!!, which in hindsight means “Stuff the Newsagents” who have been their saviour over the years, but we no longer need their services. Look inside and see our offer of 12 issues for a POUND says Firth, this week its SIX issues for a pound, next week they may give up!!

So my message to all HND Newsagents, don’t sit their doing or saying nothing, come and fight them and join the many others at HNDA Ltd, together we will fight anyone whose hell bent in destroying our business, we believe in HONESTY at all times, underhanded Crookes are not wanted within our News Trade Industry.

PUBLISHERS defy the meaning of being TRADE PARTNERS!

For too many years its been the same old story that there are THREE players on the News Trade football pitch shooting into the same direction BUT Newsagents have constantly been shafted from pillar to post. The time has now arrive when this cannot and will not continue, because if the situation continues the News Trade will die of death sooner rather than later.

One leading Newsagent summed it up perfectly on social media last week by stating Publishers and Wholesalers are a bunch of wasters just trying their utmost to ruin our (Newsagents) livelihoods. When will they realise without us Newsagents, they will be out of business.

All over the country we continue to get late papers, Why? there is no excuse for this under any circumstances, Publishers are printing SIX MILLION copies a day LESS than they were some 8 years ago, but just lately the situation is getting a whole lot worse, take Reach PLC they now put the Express papers on the Mirror lorry which has caused continuous lateness into the Wholesalers warehouses. Then we have NEWS UK causing mega problems with a faulty printing machine that led to some newsagents receiving supplies at 12 noon on Friday August 2nd!!

Its been said before, so lets spell it out again for the LAST TIME.

The news trade can still be a prosperous business providing all three parties can work together, its totally essential that all Home News Delivered Copies are on the Customers breakfast table every morning, No IFs, No BUTS, but 100% true statement, which means publishers meeting the cut off times at wholesalers depots EVERY MORNING, to enable newspapers being delivered to the Newsagents for the breakfast time delivery. All bundles being wrapped with a brown paper cover, no more putting labels on the papers, its simple and its NOT costly.

Going back to Friday August 2nd. I receive a call at 4-15am from Smiths News in Peterborough, saying papers on there way but NO SUN, TELEGRAPH, and TIMES not due in till 5am! Are you fetching them Webbo, YES, I do a 70mile round trip to Norman Cross the other side of Peterborough, bring FOUR other Newsagents papers back and arrive back in Wisbech at 6.15am, spending the day two hours later than normal! Its no wonder three Newsagents this weekend have decided enough is enough! When will PUBLISHERS ever learn?

REACH PLC Shareholders the “greedy” PUBLISHER!

There comes a time in life when one has no other options but to put pen to paper. Such time has certainly arisen, especially for the Home News Delivery Newsagents within the News Trade Industry.

Over the recent years Publishers have slowly destroyed the Industry by continuing blaming the Internet as an excuse, whilst producing newspapers that simply fail to be value for money. Their constant greed is on show for everyone to see, but the dishonesty attached makes the professionals in our trade cringe with thought!

Reach PLC the new Mirror group publishers is a typical example of why the News Trade is struggling at this time, despite the efforts of others fighting all the latest technologies within the computer world. We have many top professional HND Newsagents working their “nuts” off every day of the year, many have more customers at this time than they have ever had, simply because of the way they adapt their HND business in this present climate to continue to succeed, BUT all the time we have Publishers just trying to destroy our business with under handed terms cut.

REACH PLC latest move is typical the under handed way they try and bluff there ways of taking more of our profits, without having the professional decency of being honest. Take this weeks news flash regarding the Sunday Mirror and People, the price is increased by 10p to £1.70 and they are NOT satisfied with that they decide to take 1.25p from Newsagents profit of the 2.10p

Terms cut to 20.50%, and they haven’t the “guts” to be honest, they merely print profits to retailers will increase to 34 85p per copy sold! Not the factor that our profits should have remained at 21.0% would have rewarded us Newsagents by 35.70%. So they take another .85p of our money! YES agreed totally greedy “baskets”! Just to put the matter in order, over the past few years Publishers have eaten away 5% of Newsagents profits, so if the figure at this precise moment was still 25.5% our profits from the latest increase by Reach PLC would be 43.35p per copy sold, showing Publishers are taking 8.50p of our profits per copy, so a Newsagent who sells 200 copies weekly is losing 17 pound a week, £884 a year!!

Angry, of course Newsagent are livid with the Publishers who have no desire to work with their trade partners, but that is all about to change! WATCH THIS SPACE Mr Publisher, you will find you’ll need Home Delivered Newsagents more than you realise!!

Publishers action totally suicidal for the INDUSTRY!

Over the recent years the antics by some Publishers has led to a number of Newsagents walking away from the News Trade Industry totally mesmerised that all three parties are NOT on the same side of the fence after all, so what is the point of working, and recent events that have come to a head today clearly showing this Publisher NO longer wishes to work with retailers or more to the point with the News Trades main players, the guaranteed copy by the Home News Delivered Newsagent!

Lets take Reach PLC, the company who according to reports spends £126 million to buy the Express titles, then twice turns the Mirror newspaper into an expensive under value daily tabloid, plus under handily cuts Newsagents terms in a manner which is classed as illegal because they failed to inform their so called news partners of the new trade terms!

Over the recent weeks its been revealed on the Social media sites that the sports section of the Sunday People has a full page spread picturing the Daily Mirror and offering to have the full newspaper loaded onto your tablet each morning for TWO MONTHS FREE!

Today March 26th, one of the Country’s largest HND Newsagents has decided enough is enough, this Publishers actions which is destroying the news trade stone dead and is killing fellow newsagents livelihoods faster than ever expected.

This newsagent is totally devastated that one of his customers of 32 years had decided that she was going to except the Mirrors offer of moving away from the printed copy and except the offer of having the Daily MIRROR downloaded to her tablet each morning for £6.99p a MONTH!

So here is the Publisher who has increased the current price twice within the past year to £6.80p a week, cuts our terms twice within that period, and they have staff offering OUR CUSTOMERS the chance to move away from the printed copy for a paltry fee of £6.99p a month.

Yesterday March 25th, the MIRROR was FOUR hours late into Smiths Peterborough warehouse, no doubt REACH PLC were working overtime getting more readers on the £6.99 offer, but what ever tricks they come up with next, the printed copy will always be around, not so sure if that includes the MIRROR!!


MThere comes a time in life when one has no other option but to put pen to paper even in the News Trade Industry. Such time has certainly arisen.

Like many other Newsagents I have been in the News Industry a very long time, I know everything there is to know within the trade, and now the time has come for the outside world to know what we newsagents have had to put with over the recent years.

Its always been known there are three sides on the News Industry football pitch, the Publishers, Wholesalers and the most important ones the HND Newsagents, and providing where all shooting in the same direction, then the News Trade Industry would continue to prosper for many years. But That’s NOT happening!

When I entered the Industry, profits ranged from 35% for magazines and Newspaper profits were 28%, then it became 26.5% and that was norm for a number of years before the two big guys within the trade Maxwell and Murdock decided they wanted some of our hard-earnt profit. Since this time, ever publisher when increasing the selling price have always hid the true facts that they have cut retailers terms.

Over the recent years all Publishers have cut Newsagents terms without once being honest in the way of printing the old and new terms, and because everyone has allowed them to get away with it and some Newsagents are now losing £300 a week plus with the 5% terms that has been LOST!

When I was with the NFRN on the News Trade Committee I said so many times that not informing the retailer of the old and new terms in black and white is not worth the paper it’s printed on, they didn’t want to know, there was too many at Yeoman House more interested in feeding their own back pockets with members money rather than giving them the value of their membership. It was always the Publishers will do as they like, BUT THAT is why those people will now run and hide, because Brian Webb and his HNDA organisation can now prove everyone that he was right all along.

Over the past three weeks I on behalf of the members of HNDA have had meetings with three large-Lawyer firms, and I produced recent Newsagents price increase letters from the TELEGRAPH. the MIRROR Group, and the RACING POST for them to browse over.

Not only do they agree with me 100%, that any notification letter that is received without the old and new terms percentages in writing is null and void, and also two of the three lawyers have also stated I could go back FIVE Years! And there is MORE.

In 1989, the Publishers started selling their newspapers via a voucher, and we Newsagents were awarded a 1p handling allowance, this was THIRTY years ago, and the Publishers still get away with the same payment method (1p) today. Further-more Publishers also started to have weekend supplements for some National papers and again Newsagents were awarded a 2p payment, and again that rate of pay remains today THIRTY years later.

However, the HNDA boss has contacted all Publishers regarding the payment for handling vouchers and insertion payment for weekend supplements, and has informed them that as from April 1st 2019 HNDA members charge for handling the said vouchers will be 5p, whilst inserting weekend supplements will rise to 4p.

The days of working with our so-called trade partners (Publishers and wholesalers) will continue, BUT the days of the Newsagents being ripped off has come to an end. We are NO longer going to be skivvies for our partners (PUBLISHERS) Shareholders! GOT IT?

All NEWSAGENTS must fight this TELEGRAPH shambles!

The Daily Telegraphs letter to fellow trade partners last week regarding the increase prices to their papers was a total rip off, misleading in every sense of the word, hiding the factor that despite increasing their papers by £1-50p a week and we Newsagents were NOT going to receive one single penny for seven months.

Some Newsagents even got this pathetic letter as late as the Saturday the day when the actual paper first went up by 30p, but that’s normal for some publishers within our Industry, no organisation and certainly no brains!

So we have a situation that our current percentage for the next seven months is as follows, daily paper is down to 19.35%, Saturdays down to 19.8% and Sundays to 20.68%. This is totally absurd, just underlining yet again this publisher is hell bent of trying to destroy every newsagent. The real crux of the matter is Newsagents CANNOT survive with margins lower than 21.5%, remembering our lost over the recent years has been as much as 5% which has all gone into Publishers pockets.

To highlight the situation, the Telegraph is taking 6p from your Saturday paper, 4p from the Sunday edition and 21.5p from the five weekday papers, leaving us 31.5p short a week with every COPY sold, so a guy selling 100 copies a day is losing £126.00p a month!

We get all this business of their commitment to work with our valued retail partners, but all the time their only interest is ripping us so called partners off. So the message to all newsagents is be like the rest and come and join the best who will fight all these battles with greedy partners. please go to

The News Trade Industry cannot allow Publishers dictate such barbaric greedy ways in todays environment, no other Industry would allow it, and we are going to change the situation by fighting back which has NOT been seen before.

Greedy Daily Telegraph cause major upheaval with Newsagents in the News Trade Industry!

It’s Saturday morning February 2nd, the weather is atrocious, papers are late, but that’s nothing compared with the shock of receiving a unsigned letter from the Telegraph, stating their newspaper was going up today by 30p to £2-50. Furthermore, the Sunday and weekday editions were also going up 20p daily.

Now receiving the information the day the price increase takes place is stupidity at its very best, how is the office department of every Newsagent in Country supposed to incorporate this increase for their own staff who collect weekly accounts every Friday / Saturday mornings when totally unaware of such price rise?

Why start a price increase on a Saturday? but if the Telegraph think that’s necessary then every Newsagent in the Country needs to be informed by Wednesday prior at the very latest! Its NOT rocket science, merely having ones brain in order as acting in a professional manner.

When we eventually digest the contents of the letter, the penny eventually drops that despite increasing the Telegraph by £1.50p a week, they are not satisfied with that, they want to take 5p from every weekend copy we sell! From August we will set the weekend terms to the same as the weekday rate of 21.5%.

Still NOT satisfied, the Telegraph have the audacity to want us Newsagents to get our customers to go direct by subscription, and they in return will send those customers vouchers to give to Newsagents, and don’t forget you get ONE PENCE handling allowance per voucher, that fee was set by us Publishers some 30 years ago!!

Well we have news for the TELEGRAPH company, we Newsagents will NOT except the terms cut in August, we Newsagents will NOT be encouraging our customers to enter a subscription arrangement with you, and the days of the 1p handling allowance will very soon be history.

Nightmare Weekend for many HND Newsagents!

Its certainly been a weekend nightmare for so many Newsagents around the Country especially in the Bristol area on Saturday and around the Nottingham area on Saturday and Sunday!

On Saturday Smiths News were informing Bristol Customers that the van had broken down, then it was the vehicle had been impounded by VOSA and they had no intention of releasing the SUN. TIMES. and TELEGRAPH papers on board. Dinner time arrived and still no news, then it was the Publishers were reprinting the papers and they would be delivered as soon as possible. Eventually newsagents were receiving those newspapers after 4pm, Saturday Afternoon!

Also yesterday in the Nottingham area the Express, Star, Mirror, and Racing Papers on a re-run, and today Sunday some HND Newsagents never received their supplies until 12 noon! It appears the early morning driver overturn the vehicle and they eventually turned up SIX HOURS later in a DHL vehicle!

So where do we go from here? its obvious to everyone that every HND Newsagent will be out off pocket the last two days, its obvious it wasn’t Smith News fault in Bristol, but the shenanigans of the whole situation is NO fault of the Newsagents who have to be financially reimbursed for any losses occurred.

Yes the Publishers lost money printing the papers for the second time, Smiths News lost money over the weekend, BUT none of this was the fault of the Newsagents.

Personally I would go for VOSA throat for Saturdays delay in Bristol but Smiths News and the guilty Publishers should expect invoices  from Newsagents who suffered appalling losses this weekend!

Has Stupidity finally gone out of the WINDOW?

Newsagents from all over the Country this morning received a letter from the GUARDIAN Head of Sales & Revenue / and News & Media boss Mr Robert Rattley, who informed everyone that the Guardian Newspaper Company had finally lost the plot by increasing the price of the Guardian and Observer newspapers from this coming Saturday January 12th by £1.60p a week.!

The price of the Saturday Guardian and the Sunday Observer goes up 30p to £3.20p, whilst the weekday copy of the Guardian goes up 20p to £2.20p, which sees a everyday customer now coughing up £17.40p a week!

Yes, we Newsagents have to be pleased with the pro-rata terms, BUT its obvious some loyal Guardian customers will walk away, the increase of £1.60p a week is plainly suicidal, but the letter goes even further to destroy the professional Newsagent!

Please help us to encourage subscription through your store!! Your support is essential to the future of our printed titles! What planet are these people on? Encourage subscriptions? and we’ll still pay you the 30 year old price of 1p handling allowance!! WE DON’T THINK SO Mr Rattley!

There have been times when we Newsagents have wondered whether its us who have it all wrong with the News Industry, but letters like this clearly underlines that some Publishers especially the Guardian Group lack the professional ability to succeed within the News Trade Industry.

WE have always said and the News Trade has been fully aware that the Home Delivered copy of all newspapers is everyone’s bread and butter winner, the day that is not the case then it will be alarm bells for everyone.

It’s certainly a sad day for everyone connected to the News Trade Industry!!

Calling ALL Newsagents, we must UNITE together NOW!

The News Trade Industry is facing its biggest test ever at this particular time, simply because the three partners within the trade find it difficult to work together for a prosperous future.

There’s Publishers, two Wholesalers and us the Independent Home News Delivery Newsagents, and despite calling for a unified solution where everyone works together its never happened.

Brian Webb is by far the most experience man in the News Trade, been in trade over 60 years, formed HNDA Ltd five years ago with the understanding to everyone that this organisation was for the benefit of every Newsagent in the Country. We work everyday for the vast amount of members, with what ever issue they have had to face, and all this work over the five years has been totally free of charge, by a man dedicated to every fellow Newsagent within the Country. MEMBERSHIP remains FREE.

Why this call is for every newsagent to unite, is the fact that all Publishers will be receiving notification within the next few days on the changes that is to take place from next month (February). Every member will be receiving a copy of the letter that will show the whole world that HNDA members are no longer going to allow Publishers to dictate Newsagents well fare within the Industry.

No longer are our members going to have terms cut, no longer are our members going to handle vouchers for a 1p fee that was set 30 years ago, no longer are newsagents members going to handle weekend supplements for the same 30 year old rate of 2p. No longer are our members going to except re-runs that cost them money. Our members are in the News Trade to make money, losing money due to Publishers and Wholesalers inability to perform in a professional manner each day is over. AND THERE’s more!

So its your last chance to come and join us, HNDA Ltd is the future of the News Trade, trust me, the days of being dictated by our so called partners is over. NO MORE PINCHING OUR HARD EARN’T MONEY!

Come and join the other Newsagents, simply go to