Nightmare Weekend for many HND Newsagents!

Its certainly been a weekend nightmare for so many Newsagents around the Country especially in the Bristol area on Saturday and around the Nottingham area on Saturday and Sunday!

On Saturday Smiths News were informing Bristol Customers that the van had broken down, then it was the vehicle had been impounded by VOSA and they had no intention of releasing the SUN. TIMES. and TELEGRAPH papers on board. Dinner time arrived and still no news, then it was the Publishers were reprinting the papers and they would be delivered as soon as possible. Eventually newsagents were receiving those newspapers after 4pm, Saturday Afternoon!

Also yesterday in the Nottingham area the Express, Star, Mirror, and Racing Papers on a re-run, and today Sunday some HND Newsagents never received their supplies until 12 noon! It appears the early morning driver overturn the vehicle and they eventually turned up SIX HOURS later in a DHL vehicle!

So where do we go from here? its obvious to everyone that every HND Newsagent will be out off pocket the last two days, its obvious it wasn’t Smith News fault in Bristol, but the shenanigans of the whole situation is NO fault of the Newsagents who have to be financially reimbursed for any losses occurred.

Yes the Publishers lost money printing the papers for the second time, Smiths News lost money over the weekend, BUT none of this was the fault of the Newsagents.

Personally I would go for VOSA throat for Saturdays delay in Bristol but Smiths News and the guilty Publishers should expect invoices  from Newsagents who suffered appalling losses this weekend!

Has Stupidity finally gone out of the WINDOW?

Newsagents from all over the Country this morning received a letter from the GUARDIAN Head of Sales & Revenue / and News & Media boss Mr Robert Rattley, who informed everyone that the Guardian Newspaper Company had finally lost the plot by increasing the price of the Guardian and Observer newspapers from this coming Saturday January 12th by £1.60p a week.!

The price of the Saturday Guardian and the Sunday Observer goes up 30p to £3.20p, whilst the weekday copy of the Guardian goes up 20p to £2.20p, which sees a everyday customer now coughing up £17.40p a week!

Yes, we Newsagents have to be pleased with the pro-rata terms, BUT its obvious some loyal Guardian customers will walk away, the increase of £1.60p a week is plainly suicidal, but the letter goes even further to destroy the professional Newsagent!

Please help us to encourage subscription through your store!! Your support is essential to the future of our printed titles! What planet are these people on? Encourage subscriptions? and we’ll still pay you the 30 year old price of 1p handling allowance!! WE DON’T THINK SO Mr Rattley!

There have been times when we Newsagents have wondered whether its us who have it all wrong with the News Industry, but letters like this clearly underlines that some Publishers especially the Guardian Group lack the professional ability to succeed within the News Trade Industry.

WE have always said and the News Trade has been fully aware that the Home Delivered copy of all newspapers is everyone’s bread and butter winner, the day that is not the case then it will be alarm bells for everyone.

It’s certainly a sad day for everyone connected to the News Trade Industry!!

Calling ALL Newsagents, we must UNITE together NOW!

The News Trade Industry is facing its biggest test ever at this particular time, simply because the three partners within the trade find it difficult to work together for a prosperous future.

There’s Publishers, two Wholesalers and us the Independent Home News Delivery Newsagents, and despite calling for a unified solution where everyone works together its never happened.

Brian Webb is by far the most experience man in the News Trade, been in trade over 60 years, formed HNDA Ltd five years ago with the understanding to everyone that this organisation was for the benefit of every Newsagent in the Country. We work everyday for the vast amount of members, with what ever issue they have had to face, and all this work over the five years has been totally free of charge, by a man dedicated to every fellow Newsagent within the Country. MEMBERSHIP remains FREE.

Why this call is for every newsagent to unite, is the fact that all Publishers will be receiving notification within the next few days on the changes that is to take place from next month (February). Every member will be receiving a copy of the letter that will show the whole world that HNDA members are no longer going to allow Publishers to dictate Newsagents well fare within the Industry.

No longer are our members going to have terms cut, no longer are our members going to handle vouchers for a 1p fee that was set 30 years ago, no longer are newsagents members going to handle weekend supplements for the same 30 year old rate of 2p. No longer are our members going to except re-runs that cost them money. Our members are in the News Trade to make money, losing money due to Publishers and Wholesalers inability to perform in a professional manner each day is over. AND THERE’s more!

So its your last chance to come and join us, HNDA Ltd is the future of the News Trade, trust me, the days of being dictated by our so called partners is over. NO MORE PINCHING OUR HARD EARN’T MONEY!

Come and join the other Newsagents, simply go to

HND Newsagents declare WAR with Daily Telegraph PUBLISHER!

Its on the News Trade Records that HNDA boss stated publicly many years ago at a National Federation Conference in Torquay that the only way the News Industry would have chance to survive was that all three parties (Publishers, Wholesalers. and the most important cog in the wheel we Independent Newsagents) all work together. Failure would be suicidal!

Its now 2018 and a number of Publishers and indeed the two Wholesalers are hell bent to destroy in Industry, yes we know Murdock said there wouldn’t be papers in 2030, but then the next minute he goes and introduce the Sunday SUN! There’s the Mirror group spending millions on buying the Express titles, and now producing newspapers that know longer are value for money! What the hell is going on?

Last weekend was a complete nightmare with the DAILY TELEGRAPH.

Friday many newsagents received a letter from Paul Little stating the Telegraph would be doing without the poly bag magazine and producing a sleeve around it. Saturday arrives and the front page has a full strip advertising their digital programme, have 30 days FREE then it will be £3 a week and will be published on your digital equipment by 5am every morning! NOT only that, the mentioned sleeve around the magazine was all about the digital way of life. £3 a week on your screen by 5am!!

Well STUFF you Mr Telegraph, you went across the white line, its obvious you are trying to kill the printed copy and the HND newsagents at the same time, in future we will just take the firm sale orders, and finally please note here’s one newsagent who removed all the magazine sleeves!! I say again, only working together will we survive, GET IT!!



PUBLISHER pushes the boundries of certain unrest with Independent NEWSAGENTS!

The News Industry is heading for serious disruption over the coming weeks after it was found out that the Publishers of the SUNDAY POST had increased its selling price to £1.90p, and in doing so decided to also reduce Newsagents terms to an all time low of 19.75%., without having the decency to be honest to its trade partners. Most Newsagents were unaware of the price rise until HNDA announced it through Twitter. Even

Smiths News at Peterborough were unaware, and after checking, had NO written information available for their Newsagent customers! It appears now it was listed on Smiths weekly News Roundup on Friday in very small print, but NO MENTION of a terms reduction!

Many years ago when the Murdock’s and Maxwell’s first cut the trade terms at weekends from the norm of 25.0% one experience HND Newsagent asked the News Industry the question, what happens when it goes below the 20%? and it was fobbed off as some sick news trade joke, but now its happen and the guy concern emphasises the message so strongly to every Newsagent in the Country its time for every Newsagent to fight back, or watch the other publishers copy the SUNDAY POST!

There comes a time when you have to stop and wonder whether its worth the hassle working with these publishers, many including myself find it extremely difficult working with so called partners  who for what ever reason lack the ability to be professional and honest at all times. Another serious pointer they treat us Newsagents with sheer contempt, believing we are second rate citizens unable to work out our terms have been cut yet again. SUNDAY POST Publisher announcement was a classic example of how they respect Newsagents ability, more of a case of robbing the poor to fill their own greedy pockets. The 10p increase was all for their pockets apart from a measly 0.57 of ONE PENCE they kindly gave to us!

So here is the situation, unless the SUNDAY POST Publishers reinstate the previous terms by Saturday July 23rd, all casual sales will be stopped, and HND Newsagents will only carry firm sale orders. We hereby call every Newsagent in the Country to follow HNDA members and only handle firm sale orders,  simply because other publishers are watching our every move and will follow the SUNDAY POST lead and reduce terms if we fail to at last be counted and stick up for ourselves. Remember without us NEWSAGENTS, Publishers and indeed Wholesalers would NEVER survive.

We have been very successful in our fight with the RACING POST Publishers who are losing the income of over 5000 copies a day, due to our remove all casual sales, and the same has to apply with the Sunday POST.  Remember only together (that’s all Newsagents) can we win this battle and have a continuous successful future. There is NO OTHER WAY.

Brian Webb.

HNDA Ltd.  Check us out daily on Twitter @hndanews and @Webbo1Webb:



Calling Every Newsagent in the Country, Solidarity is required NOW by everyone!

Alarm bells have sounded many times before in the News Trade Industry, but never more so than at this present time!

Over the recent weeks hundreds of Home News Delivery Newsagents have lost big business by losing Racing Post bookmakers accounts through no fault of their own. The Independent HND Newsagents have been delivering newspapers from year “dot”, we have been pushed at times from pillar to post by Publishers and indeed Wholesalers, but this latest “kick in the teeth” is one scenario too far!

As your are aware only recently the RACING POST decided to introduce a poly bag edition to include the Betting Shop paper at a price of £5.20p mainly for the benefit of the thousands of bookmakers around the Country. All was going fine, at last Newsagents were being rewarded for their loyalty over the years by earning good money, but up comes a company (CITIBET) with an offer that Racing Post couldn’t refuse! They were now in charge of deliveries and payments, which indirectly saved the shops paying the weekly accounts from the tills.

In recent weeks Citibet have taken bookmakers accounts away from the Newsagents and employed different organisation to carry out the deliveries, but a few days ago they shot themselves in the foot by approaching MENZIES the NEWS WHOLESALERS, and to everyone connected to the News Industries surprise Menzies decided to jump on the money wagon irrespective who they upset.

MENZIES the News Wholesalers only with the Publishers blessing, have a monopolistic delivered system and have now turn to RETAIL as well as WHOLESALE, delivering direct to book makers, taking out the HND Newsagents by claiming 3rd party contracts. They ruthlessly removed accounts from their Independent HND Newsagents, and have even delivered bookmakers papers BEFORE the Newsagents have received their daily news supply. Other Publishers have been advised of later supplies by MENZIES, caused by the new retail side of their business.

Such is the devastation of this action HNDA management have contacted Racing Post Direct and advised them that unless the situation is reversed by July 1st, NO RACING POST newspapers will be on the shelves from that date, in other words only firm sale issues will be honoured.

HNDA are asking every newsagent in the country to join together over this matter, it will give a signal to every Publisher and Wholesaler that we Independent Newsagents will no longer be trampled on by anyone within the trade. What happens if we don’t all stand together? whose next to stab us in the back? Smith News? We have already had many Smiths News  newsagent customers who have stated they will support this action, SOLIDARITY has NEVER been needed like it is at this moment of time.  Please don’t think this wont affect you, this is a deadly serious situation that could explode further unless we join together and fight these money grabbing individuals. ITS OUR MONEY THAT WE HAVE EARN’T OVER THE YEAR they are taking!

We are also in contact with other publishers demanding they move away from MENZIES Wholesale, the News Industry don’t need cowboys who are totally unprofessional in every aspect of News Delivery.

So once again, calling every Newsagent in the Country lets join forces together from July 1st, NO MORE RACING POSTS on the shelves, only together can we win this battle for a brighter future, do nothing and our days are very much numbered.





Never before has anyone within the News Trade been totally honest with the Industry and the players involved, never before has the situation been so serious, that unless every Newsagent joins forces together we could all be out of business sooner rather than later!

The two Wholesalers Smiths News  and Menzies are doing their utmost to destroy every Independent Newsagents business with continuous late delivery that makes Home News Delivery a impossibility to perform, mistakes that defy the logic of common sense, it’s no wonder one wholesaler is trying to sell their twindling business!

Publishers, everyone of them is hell bent on shafting the newsagents, all totally greedy as the new Publishers of  the Richard Desmond titles (Express, and Star) Trinity Mirror who after awarding themselves a £257 THOUSAND pounds a week increase, they showed their total greed by cutting newsagents weekend terms by 2.0% yet again.

HNDA Ltd, contacted the Express boss, expressing grave concern that unless the previous terms are reinstated they will find many casual sales removed from newsagents shelves, but they  replied they didn’t take the decision lightly! but as they pay 0.02% extra terms weekdays than any other Publisher they would NOT be reinstating the original weekend terms. Well they were warned, and now their sales will drop alarmingly.

Now this is the serious part.

Unless all Newsagents join forces together and fight these Publishers and indeed Wholesalers we could all be out on our ear sooner rather than later.  We can no longer allow our so called partners dictate the way forward, NO MORE taking our money, NO MORE terms being CUT, no more LATE PAPERS, ALL parties working TOGETHER etc;

The National Federation Retail Newsagents (NFRN)  have failed miserably over the years by allowing the current barbaric goings on with both Publishers and the Wholesalers, which is why the News Trade is in the position today.

Lets be real, at one time the NFRN had over 30 thousand members (now its half that figure) and being in that strong they still allowed the Publishers to dictate the News Trade Industry, never once have they ever put Publishers and Wholesalers under immense pressure that the membership certainly deserved.

Over the years too many people within the NFRN have been feeding their own pockets instead of representing the paying member that they were elected for, the current new regime has already removed some of the guilty ones, and more could follow.

So we say to every Newsagent “Please don’t think this doesn’t effect you” this effects every Newsagent delivering or selling Newspapers, the news trade can and will be a successful business empire providing we all row the same boat in the same direction.

It’s all  down to every Newsagent, so come and join the Home News Delivery Affiliation and together we will stop all our so called partners dictating  the industry and bleeding Newsagents dry. HNDA will lead the survival for a prosperous future, working together is the only way forward, we will safe guard every members future by fighting for Newsagents rights.

Go to


I have been in the News Trade Industry longer than anyone and at this moment of time, and  I have never been so frustrated and annoyed that the trade can continue down the path of self destruction. Three groups on stage, two of them, Publishers and Wholesalers are doing their utmost to kill the trade dead, with their continuous unprofessional performances that leaves Newsagents all over the Country in total disarray.

Publishers fail to understand the importance of early morning deliveries, and Wholesalers have lost the ability to run a professional delivery service, they now often use cheap contractors who drive rust bucket vehicles that continually break down, or simply use the weather as an excuse not to deliver retailers supplies. Even more bizarre, they tried the old trick of still charging the customers a carriage charge payment for a NON delivery, with the excuse they had to open their own warehouses!

A meeting was called into London last week where most publishers, the two wholesalers, and selected HND Newsagents on the way forward of the current SIX WEEK FREE HOME NEWS DELIVERY scheme. After the opening speech by the Guardian boss Richard Furness who was a breath of fresh air to everyone present, but then we were told the meeting was not about Publishers and Wholesalers INABILITY to supply on time! Why was we not informed of this before the day, because rest assure many people wouldn’t have taken the day off to attend.

Now the latest bomb shell!

We received a letter yesterday Sunday April 1st that the publishers of the Express and Star (whether it was Northern Shell or the supposed to be new owners Trinity Mirror) were increasing the prices of their papers as follows; Express Monday to Friday by 5p, and 10p Saturday and Sundays, whilst the Daily Star was going up 10p daily. Not only that the Publisher decided that wasn’t enough so they were reducing Newsagents terms by 2%!!!!!

Now lets take a closer look, the increase in price will bring the Publisher an extra £257 THOUSAND pounds a WEEK, some £13.354 MILLION a YEAR, and still they want some of our profits. This is a publisher showing TOTAL GREED.

LETS GET THE FACTS RIGHT, Here is an example, lets take terms what they were for many, many years before the Murdocks (Sun) and the Maxwells (Mirror) started dipping into our profits. One newsagent gave an example of his loss just on a Saturday, the difference in terms from 26.50% to 21% today shows the Publishers are taking £138 every Saturday of this newsagents profits ALONE, some £7219 a year from ONE newsagent!

The Head of Circulation Paul Goddard says and I quote, I trust you welcome these changes, and I look forward to your continued support! What planet is he on?

Then the Editor -in- Chief  Gary Jones shouted here was a newspaper that stands up for Britain, even if it means we rob our fellow trade partners, and goes on, “here is the tricky bit”, we recognize money is tight and that successive governments have failed to protect your standard of living, but I hope you will agree that this newspaper is good value especially with a posh coffee!!  What planet is this guy on?  value for money, can you imagine the older folk saying “I’m not paying 12 bob (60p) for 56 pages, they can stuff it, I’ll take the MAIL instead, that’s what you call real value for money!!

At the end of the day, either Publishers get REAL and get the grips with the whole procedure of News Trade Industry or we will all be retiring sooner rather than later! ALL GREEDY PUBLISHERS be WARNED,  your days are numbered unless the situation changes overnight.




It was early last year (2017) when HNDA boss called all Publishers and wholesalers to a summit meeting and in conjunction with the NFRN this was held in LONDON last May.

There was an agenda that covered all the current issues surrounding the News Trade Industry, and the only way for this meeting being successful was that we all rowed the same boat

in the same direction together, and the feeling amongst everyone was one of unity.

The HNDA boss spoke at length regarding the topic of voucher and weekend supplement payments, What do you want Publishers asked, and they were told in no uncertain manner

that its been over 30 years since this was first introduced, and this 1p payment for vouchers is embarrassing to everyone, and the same applies to the weekend supplement payment of 2p.

The HNDA boss said both payments should be no less than 5p.

What’s happened since then? absolute nothing, and to rub salt further into the wound, Publishers and the NFRN held another meeting two weeks ago and the HNDA boss was not invited!

So the situation is this, if nothing is done without delay, then the Publishers, Wholesalers and in some respect the NFRN will go along their merry way filling their own pockets with your money,

there’s only one way forward, come and join the HNDA (Home News Delivery Affiliation) and together we can win this battle. they know that, we know that, HNDA are the professional ones who

is led by the man with more experience than anyone within the Industry, and will succeed in making the News Industry successful in the years to come.  See, or contact the man himself on 0800 999 3227.  Membership is still FREE.


PUBLISHERS / WHOLESALERS message to Newsagents: ” SOD you JACK!

Once again the recent meeting between all three parties (Publishers, Wholesalers and Independent Newsagents) was thought to be the new way forward for all three bodies to start rowing the News Trade boat in the same direction! There was certainly hope, but as in so many times in the past  it’s turned out to be  another time when Publishers and Wholesalers simply stuck two fingers up to the Newsagents and said ” Sod you Jack” we’ll carry on our merry ways and if we finally destroy the NEWS Industry we can always use the excuse of newspapers are no longer needed!

The News Trade Industry  will become history whilst we allow Publishers and Wholesalers to continue their unprofessional approach of running a successful empire, NEWSPAPERS will always be needed, BUT ONLY if the papers are on the breakfast table each morning. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

A few weeks ago a consortium of Publishers produced a SIX WEEK FREE DELIVERY promotion for all new customers who started having the delivered copy. That was classed as a major step forward, and the HNDA boss stood up and the praised the worked involved but strongly emphasised it would fall on its knees if the current mayhem of delivery times continued. All Publishers present agreed and said they were on the case to get the situation rectified! WHAT’S happening? Newspapers are getting later and LATER!

Why are papers so late Newsagents ask the question?  they are now printing six million copies a day LESS than they were 10 years ago and still they are LATE!  They call it the nightly miracle, Newsagents call it the nightly disaster! Wholesalers have made enormous cut backs in warehouses operations and staff have been laid off, again more reasons why RDT times are very rarely met!

WE still have Publishers increasing the retail price and cutting our terms at the same time, without having the “BALLS” to be honest and straight forward, I was always taught there is only one way forward and that’s one of being honest, but in the News Trade that word is never used.  Telegraph boss said” We can word it as we like, we can set the terms as we like, you are still getting an increase so why the fuss?  SIMPLE; you have cut our terms and in plain English a Newsagent delivering a 100 copies a day is losing £2366 in a 12 month period. GET IT?

Smiths News sent letters out to their customers last week stating it had been brought to their attention that they made a mistake SIX MONTHS previous on a Telegraph insert fee, paying 2p a copy when it should have been for nothing, hence they will be claiming that back on Invoice October 21st! I DONT THINK SO, you learn by your mistakes, and if Smith News are that hard up, then the situation is dire. Carriage charge increases of £4.91 due for next month is heading for a disaster because many Newsagents are simply NOT going to be coughing up, UNTIL such time they get their acts together and provide a service which warrants the outrageous delivery fee. ROCKY TIMES AHEAD for PUBLISHERS and WHOLESALERS!  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.