It’s been on the cards that ever since the News of the World ceased publication that News International would bring in the Sunday SUN, and the recent events of the phone hacking scandal which led to a number of NI staff being arrested owner Rupert Murdoch flew into London to announce the arrival of the new Sunday newspaper. This assured the  worried employees the SUN newspaper was safe and the future looked more rock solid than in previous months.

Newsagents around the country have reacted in a positive manner, and despite the anger of so many over the phone hacking business many have backed tracked to offer News International full support of this new Sunday Sun newspaper.

News International informed News-insider today Wednesday Feb 22nd that no price had been fixed yet on the Sunday Sun, but when this had been decided the news trade would be the first to hear, which we find very alarming to say the least. One worried publisher also inform us the first edition may be 60p moving to a POUND the following week, but as yet everyone including NI seems to be in limbo on a matter that quite honestly should have been the first item on the agenda.

Without any doubt since the News of the World shut the doors the Sunday trade has fallen by 40%, with so many people simply not buying a alternative newspaper to read which has hit newsagents big time, hopefully this new newspaper will bridge that gap that will benefit everyone within the trade.

Some publishers have been recently gloating over their Sunday sales increase over the past twelve months, some have sat on their laurels and done little to capture the News of the World readers, and now they will regret letting the grass grow under their feet, for the Sunday Sun will certainly hit them all.

The biggest disappointment has been the Sunday Star, here was a newspaper that should have made major gains on a permanent basis, but after a bright start fell back into the syndrome of producing a alter thin newspaper with a free magazine which certainly lacked the value for money tag.

Only last weekend the Sunday Star sent Newsagents a letter with the headlines PRICE DECREASE, the Sunday paper would come down ONE PENCE to 99p, and even better news Newsagents would still get the same terms as if the paper was the normal one pound! What planet is this person on? What was the point of reducing the paper 1p? Is the person responsible for this decision brain dead? more importantly has he/she had their P45’s yet?

What ever happens in the weeks to come is anyone’s business, but its pleasing to note that most newsagents are very happy that the news trade can look forward to a brighter more profitable weekends than in recent months.