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Mail Newspapers sticking the Knife in!

Many Independent Home News Delivery Newsagents from all over the Country have been to London on Monday March 19th or to Leeds the following day to witness Mail Newspapers intentions to work with the Independent agents with the intention of working together to increase   sales which ultimately benefit both parties.

All seems the right way forward for the struggling news trade, with this publisher showing the other publishers working with their partners (the Independent retailer) is the only way forward.

However, many Newsagents could not spare the time to attend these semimars, what ever the reason that’s a dissappointment when publishers are making the effort to work together.

However, it appears Mail Newspapers have too many personells, for whilst these meeting were taking place to work with Independent HND agents, some bright spark upstairs in head office was killing the meetings stone dead by organising another gimmock with McColls by offering FREE Mail newspapers to every customer.

One newsagent reported losing three customers for one week simply because they could get a Daily Mail free from the McColls shop all week. According to both McColl’s and Mail Newspapers these papers are not FREE, the deal is that any McColls customer spendimg 55p in the shop were entitled to a Mail newspaper FREE Vof charge!.

A shocked Mail official stated on Monday its a classic case of the left foot NOT knowing what the other one is doing, but what do you expect from the big boys upstairs, NO BRAINS!

Certainly doesn’t give any newsagent the confidence that Mail Newspapers are trying to work together, when behind their backs the same company is giving papers away which will undoubtedly harm the Independent retailer. 


Publishers KILLING the TRADE!



 The recently audited National Newspaper figures for January were released a few days ago which more than confirmed the continued growing concerns the News Trade Industry is dying faster than at first imagine, with every Newspaper losing sales and the finger is firmly pointing in the direction of the National Publishers.


Over the past three years the overall percentage downfall is a staggering decline of 8%, and still Publishers are performing in a manner of total incompetence which is destroying the news trade industry dead.


Newsinsider, remembers very vividly one newsagent making his maiden speech at a NFRN National Conference meeting in Torquay some ten years ago when the concerned gentleman told the News World that the News Trade Industry was not a boxing match, its three parties (Publishers, Wholesalers and the NFRN) who have to work together or eventually everyone would suffer which would have devastating effects to the news trade in general.


Well that day has arrived the trade is digging a bigger hole everyday simply because this barbaric “Hitler” action by Publishers has been allowed to continue, and to honest some of this blame is pointed in our direction for allowing the NFRN to remain “gutless” instead of representing the paying membership in a professional manner expected of a organisation.


The situation still remains to this present day, but continues to deteriorate simply because the Publishers have the same old senior “Pillocks” .sitting behind the office desk in their plush buildings oblivious to the outside world believing they are “God” to the trade but in reality their brains have been removed from the heads years ago!


This was no more highlighted this weekend when News Internationals Rupert Murdock steam rolled a new Sunday Paper on the market namely the SUN to replace the disgraced News of the World.


Here we have another situation when the publisher by passed the NFRN simply because the federation is no longer recognised within the news trade and Murdock brought in the new newspaper on the market at the ridiculous low  price of 50p  giving the retailer a poultry 11p profit.


Not satisfied with this move, he also decided to take another 2p from the retailer profits by reducing the Saturday edition of the Sun by 10p, again this decision was made by Murdock with the obnoxious attitude of STUFF “U” NEWSAGENTS take it or leave it!


Any new newspaper should be a blessing in disguise for the whole trade, but this 50p effort from Murdock could do serious damage to other publishers, many retailers report huge returns for the Sunday Mirror, People, and Sunday Star. 



The Sunday News trade lost a staggering 40% when the News of the World ceased publication, and although other publishers had sales increases not one publisher had the “balls” to carry the fight just merely went through the motions of providing inadequate newspapers that lacked value for money.


Another major issue at present is the continuing growing times that Publishers fail to reach the wholesalers before the cut off times that leads to dreaded re-runs.


One Newsagent informed this website today that the Mirror was late again yet again which was the 4th time in February alone, it was also stated that the Star had failed twice and the Sun once in 2012. Reports from all over the Country have similar stories but the question is why?


Re-runs don’t affect Wholesalers simply because they get paid by the offending publishers, but it’s a huge expense for Newsagents especially those operating home news delivery. It’s known that one newsagent has taken steps to take his wholesaler to court; the final outcome could cost wholesalers a fortune providing the newsagent wins the day.


We hear all these reports of Publishers spending millions on the latest up to date new presses, Richard Desmond from Northern Shell publishers of the Express and Star, the combined total of these two papers is a mere 1.3 million copies a day, so why the expense on such a low print run, that still can’t reach the wholesalers on time!


Whilst on the subject of Northern Shell, here is a publisher who sends a letter to retailers at the weekend thanking everyone for their continued support on the news of reducing our profits on the Saturday Star by 11p per copy!


This is the same publisher who recently pushed the combined Saturday Express and Star in a polybag saving 50p, only set back the publisher cannot supply wholesalers with the needed copies! One newsagent stated in the last six weeks they have only received the polybag specials ONCE!


The news trade is going down hill faster than expected, and it will continue unless the Publishers finally decide that working together is the only way forward for all concerned. It’s time for everyone to face facts, continue as we are and we will all be out of business sooner rather than later especially working on a Sunday for a measly 11p!


Again here we have a Publisher who is demonstrating his power to the working Newsagent but before much longer this action will eventually backfire in his face when every Newsagent will say enough is enough.


One week later it appears the new Sunday Sun readers are not so keen after all, with many angry with the current goings on at News International and all the latest revelations of the phone hacking business that has rocked the Country have decided to not have a Sunday newspaper after all.