Many Independent Home News Delivery Newsagents from all over the Country have been to London on Monday March 19th or to Leeds the following day to witness Mail Newspapers intentions to work with the Independent agents with the intention of working together to increase   sales which ultimately benefit both parties.

All seems the right way forward for the struggling news trade, with this publisher showing the other publishers working with their partners (the Independent retailer) is the only way forward.

However, many Newsagents could not spare the time to attend these semimars, what ever the reason that’s a dissappointment when publishers are making the effort to work together.

However, it appears Mail Newspapers have too many personells, for whilst these meeting were taking place to work with Independent HND agents, some bright spark upstairs in head office was killing the meetings stone dead by organising another gimmock with McColls by offering FREE Mail newspapers to every customer.

One newsagent reported losing three customers for one week simply because they could get a Daily Mail free from the McColls shop all week. According to both McColl’s and Mail Newspapers these papers are not FREE, the deal is that any McColls customer spendimg 55p in the shop were entitled to a Mail newspaper FREE Vof charge!.

A shocked Mail official stated on Monday its a classic case of the left foot NOT knowing what the other one is doing, but what do you expect from the big boys upstairs, NO BRAINS!

Certainly doesn’t give any newsagent the confidence that Mail Newspapers are trying to work together, when behind their backs the same company is giving papers away which will undoubtedly harm the Independent retailer.