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HNDA The new home for Professional HND Newsagents

It’s disappointing to report but it’s a known fact there is currently no organisation around today that represents the elite Professional HND Newsagent retailer whose main income is from Home News Delivery.

“Professional Newsagents” now numbering only a few thousand, are the people who are fully committed to provide a professional service to their customers who offer an easy and convenient access to all newspapers and magazines.

The news trade has an organisation that was first set up many years ago to represent all newsagents in working with the Publishers and Wholesalers in the Industry, but today they spend more time with retailers whose interest in newspapers is only peripheral. This organisation is solely forgetting about the main focus within the news trade, which was looking after the professional HND newsagent member.

ENTER HNDA Ltd, the new organisation for the professional HND newsagents, whose main objectives is to reward all HND newsagents with “Preferential Terms” and represent its members in all matters relating to the news trade with Publishers and Wholesalers, in a manner never witnessed before.

HNDA is NOT in competition with any other trade body, this new organisation is for the top 500 professional HND newsagents, and we can confirm we intend to work with the National Publishers Association and the Press Distribution Forum, NOT against them.

Publishers and Wholesalers are attempting to stop HNDA from moving forward, its clear to see they are tarred with the same greedy brush, but HNDA is here for the journey and will move the earth to see HND newsagents are rewarded financially for the work involved in Home News Delivery.

The News Industry recognise the importance of HND Newsagents, and the “firm sale” guaranteed copy, and whilst it’s not entirely their own fault the Publisher has been allowed for years to put their heads in the sand, simply because there has never been an alternative organisation representing these elite band of enterpreneurs, the HND Newsagents. Now every Publisher has the opportunity to address this situation with the introduction of HNDA Ltd, and working together is the only way forward for all parties.

The current atrocious weather conditions should open the eyes of every Publisher, here we have a situation that despite the fact many ROYAL MAIL depots banned their workers from deliveries for “Health and Safety” measures, every HND newsagent completed their journey EVERYDAY.

Such is the dedication of these Newsagents who brought their HND business as their main income. These professional Newsagents deserve the terms that have been taken away from them over the years, and HNDA will eventually deliver. WATCH THIS SPACE:

For further details see the HNDA website;

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HNDA enters the News Trade!

NFRN Endorse the New

Home News Delivery Affiliation (HNDA)

In the recent NFRN publication – Retail Newsagent (RN) – Paul Baxter, on behalf of the NFRN, chose to comment on and endorse the recently launched Home News Delivery Affiliation – HNDA.

RN describes the new Association as a buying group for Home News Delivery newsagents and current intensive negotiations with newspaper publishers have moved forward positively with publishers eager to work with an organisation – the HNDA –  that represents newsagents that directly deliver to both homes and businesses.

Gross newspaper margins that turn the clock back over 20 years are on the table for HNDA members and are being achieved through a new innovative approach with publishers and wholesalers. The HNDA are fully aware that Home News Delivery represents the backbone of newspaper circulation here in the UK. Personalities and politics that have got in the way of progressive newsagent agreements with publishers during the past few years will NOT be the approach of the HNDA. Quality HND newsagent members will get access to improved margins only through the HNDA in future.

Baxter of the NFRN states that publishers see the strategic importance of Home News Delivery. The HNDA have emerged to re-energise and re- connect newsagents with their supply chain so that newspaper circulation can recover spearheaded by Home News Delivery.

The current trend of the News Trade has Publishers concerned of the slow slide of the daily copy, and they know the importance of the HND Newsagent, irrespective of our current weather conditions they know their sold copy will be delivered to the readers.

HNDA, was formed by News Trade experience people to represent the top 500 HND Newsagents in the Country, this elite group of Professional Newsagents whose main revenue is from Home News Delivery, and every Publisher knows these Newsagents provides the service that will remain the forefront of the News Trade Industry survival.

Please leave your details via the website so that you can be part of this revolution in newspaper profitability.


Contact the HNDA on 0800 999 3227



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