“It just takes five minutes…”Its an impression that, although seemingly innocuous, used to drive so many people crazy.

You know how it is, you’re doing a hard enough job and then somebody in “management” decides to add to your workload by getting you to do something extra but for no extra money.

If you’re a waitress, you suddenly become a cleaner too because, “at the end of each night, its just takes five minutes to wipe down tables and run a mop over the floor.

If you’re a salesman working every hour on the road you suddenly become an accountant because “when you get in it just takes five minutes to input your figures…”

Before you know it you’ve got four different chores to do that you’re told takes that dreaded 300 seconds and yet you have the same five minutes to do them all in.

Are you allowed to finish early to get these things done? Well no. Are you paid extra or maybe even overtime? Take a wild guess.

Brian Webb isn’t like us, when we get wound up we just whine at you lot in this column and then get our heads down and take it from “The Man” like everyone else.

Brian does stuff. He actually gets things done and that dearest reader, is rare thing indeed.

Brian isn’t a politician, he’s not some sort of “dragon” at the head of a mult-national company, and he’s not a Mafia Don, He’s a HND Newsagent- We know, we was totally surprised too.

Brian’s beef is similar to my hatred to the “five minute rule”. He’s not being paid to deliver the advertising leaflets, flyers, booklet, pamphlets, brochures and inserts that tumble out of every publication in the world these days-so he’s decided not to deliver them.

In actual fact on Boxing day morning recently, he got up extra early (1.30am) and decided to takes four van loads of Argos literature from his warehouse to his local store, he blocked the doors fully and left Mr Argos a message reading; Happy Christmas Mr Argos! Question: Do you or your staff work for NOTHING? Because we Independent Newsagents DON’T! Good Morning!

The attitude of the publishers who get paid by the Advertiser for their literature to reach the consumers must be, “oh come on Brian, you’re already delivering the papers so, you know… while you’re at it… its only a couple of leaflets… it just takes five minutes extra”.

Brian once formed a Third Party Inserts Group (possibly known as TPIG- we preferred it to be the Fight Against Third Party Inserts Group, but whatever its called Brian has a large warehouse half full with removed Inserts.

Now you might be thinking that Brian has made his stand, buts its still hardly rocking the world of Publishing to its foundations, but every Publisher knows Brian Webb wont go away and will eventually win the day for every HND Newsagent.

The Publishers also know Brian does his stuff;

Last time he had a beef about having to constantly take his seat belt off every time he stopped whilst delivering newspapers to his customers, he took the matter to the high court in LONDON, and in 1983 he succeeded in getting law changed so every HND newsagent could join the milkman and postman being exempt from wearing belts. Impressive? It should be, the cost run into thousands, but according to Brian victory was a small price to pay!

So what’s in store for Third Party Inserts, well Brian who once wrote to the Prime Minister George Brown when he was the Country’s leader, has now contacted current PM David Cameron and brought this issue to his attention. Brian believes going to the top, and expects results in Newsagents favour very shortly.

Brian’s latest adventure in the news trade is also very interesting; Brian recently formed a new limited company named HNDA, (Home News Delivery Affiliation) with the sole objectives in representing the top 500 HND Newsagents in the Country. Brian believes the Publishers and Wholesalers are NOT working together with the Professional HND Newsagents, and unless the situation changes the news trade will continue down the slippery slope. Brian believes its time for a change before it’s too late! Who’s betting against Brian to be successful, certainly NOT us!

In the meantime, back to the undelivered TPI!

We are pretty sure it wont be long before Brian and his fellow newsagents will be getting what is rightfully theirs, Maybe we should all make a stand next time someone expects us to donate our precious minutes to unpaid work. Well. All right maybe we should just all get together and pay Brian to do it for us- after-all, it’ll only take five minutes!