Another month goes by and yet again the drop in newspaper sales continue going down the slippery slope to disaster, and despite some publishers shouting from the roof tops of their new way forward to stop this trend, sales show disppointing figures.

The month of June showed only none RED top increasing their figures from the previous month, The Daily Star SATURDAY edition saw an increase by 2.2%, and indeed the SUNDAY edition rose a fraction by 0.8%, never the less the overall performance for the year shows a decline of 13.5% weekdays, 11.5% on Saturdays whilst the Sunday copy has fell by a staggering 29.1%.

Its disappointing to note that the Saturday Star is the only newspaper that does NOT sell more newspapers that day than the weekday edition, but it has to be said that its no surprise to the actual news trade industry.

This newspaper made a massive mistake a few months ago when removing the free Saturday supplement, thinking the paying customers would buy their new TV Pick book instead, but after realising their massive boob, the owner of Northern Shell Richard Desmond changed his mind but failed again to reconize  the big chance of killing the other red tops by putting  the TV Pick book as a freebie. The current Saturday newspaper is too thin, and the free book is pitiful!  

Mail newspapers Monday to Friday copy saw a 1.2% rise, but the weekend copies suffered, Saturday edition was down 2.1%, whilst the Sunday copy went down by 3.3%, this despite the company’s new attempt to get more newsagents to start HND.

Telegraph weekday edition shows yearly growth since the beginning of the year, mind you over 60% sales are brought by vouchers, the “I” paper sales have risen to 238.000, whilst their sister paper the Independent saw sales fall by 19.90%.

Some publishers are totally oblivious to the outside world, they can see no further than their plush office buildings, irrespective what’s staring them in the face, it will take more than a royal baby to change the current trend, it needs publishers to wake up and smell the coffee, there is so many problems within the industry,and at the end of the day everyone’s finger is pointing in the direction of National publishers.