Another month goes by and the News Trade Industry problems continue, with numerous efficiency effecting the system that stops any chance of the trade stemming the tide to flow in the opposite direction of enjoying some sort of satisfaction of running a profitable business on a regular basis.


Over the past few weeks some Publishers have started to increase the selling prices of National Newspapers, some defy the logic of common sense of being totally honest with their so called partners, by hiding the actual factors that allow Publishers to siphon more of retailers hard earned profits for their own greedy vaults! Thankfully the Daily Mirror (Monday to Friday issue) increase this week has seen NO CUT in terms, which is a pleasant surprise to everyone concerned.  


This website only last month went to extreme lengths to emphasise the inexcusable actions by the Guardian publishers, who shamefully tried to “hoodwink” newsagents by cutting retailers terms and not having the decency to be honest and upfront with their so called fellow Retail Partners.


Such was the anger by many retailers especially HND newsagents who are having a tough time at present, that the website’s namesake contacted Retail Newsagents Associate Editor informing her that a letter had been sent for publication on this serious issue.


After numerous telephone calls to speak to the person concerned the acting editor of Retail Newsagent informed Mr Webb the letters page was already full for the next issue, so it was anticipated it would be published the following week. However, this was put aside because it appears copying another story from another website was more important than a publisher cutting retailers terms and acting in a underhanded manner that has no place in any industry.


Admittedly this publication is under the auspices of the NFRN shareholders, which again clearly shows everyone why the news trade industry is in its current unhealthy position. Here we have the a publication, that had been recognised as the voice of the news trade, but over the recent years it’s been clearly seen by everyone that Retail Newsagent like the NFRN has little time for the genuine newsagents especially those operating home news delivery.


The current unhealthy situation within the trade is down to so many people not standing up to their responsibility, Publishers run the show simply because they have been allowed to, not recognising the need to work with Wholesalers and certainly the newsagents who at the end of the day are still their bread and butter winners.


The whole operation at times is a complete joke, papers late causing re-runs, causing mayhem, losing money, and most importantly lost customers who very rarely come back. Wholesalers only concern is how much money in carriage charges they are bringing in, whilst Publishers continue their dominance of destruction by doing what they want, when they want!


Whilst we can all point the finger at the guilty parties, a situation that has arisen over the recent weeks concerns this website dearly, and if it continues then its going to be a case of the last man out of the building please switch the lights out!



This website had a situation when the Guardian increased its price and cut retailers terms when a retail newsagent contacted us and said “What’s a few pence between us trade partners! These few pence as the gentleman stated is losing many HND newsagents over £250 a week, thirteen thousands pounds a year!



More alarming is the way Publishers are trying to “hood wink” some Newsagents in believing their soft soap story of hardship which is playing right into Publishers hands.


Three weeks ago a HND Newsagent who has done a brilliant job since arriving on the news scene five years ago, wrote an article on his own website called DON’T MISS OUT ON INSERTS CASH, a story that will certainly convince all HND newsagents that publishers will expect the slave labour to continue, because this new entrepreneur believes the publishers insert cash is worth the effort involved! All those inserts under 70 grams we should continue to deliver without being financially rewarded!


Sorry young man, you might be privileged to get your daily supplies by 3am each morning, but please don’t undermine fellow HND newsagents, who have worked many more years without being financially rewarded in the professional manner everyone expects within our Country!