The month of August has been and gone! What a nightmare for many living newsagents who has to deal with these so called trade partners who fail daily to recognize the need to run a professional operation that would benefit everyone connected to the News Trade Industry.

PUBLISHERS fail to reach wholesalers destinations at the times they actually set themselves on a daily basis somewhere in the Country, the sheer factor they are currently printing SEVEN MILLION copies a day LESS than they were ten years ago and still the cant get their act together in a providing the service that is necessary for the whole operation to have any chance of being successful. What’s the word we like to use? Professional, NO PUBLISHER understands the meaning of the word!

Every day this week (w/e August 29th) one or more Publishers have arrived at Smiths News in Peterborough after cut off time, which has led to newsagents all over the area receiving their supplies 30 minutes or more, later than normal. On the plus side the wholesaler has performed miracles to reach some HND newsagents 35 miles away within 90 minutes of receiving the papers from late Publishers vehicles.

Then turning to the wholesalers, Smiths News, and here we have a multi Million pound operation who continues to cut corners for the benefit of their share holders!

Smiths News no longer have their own vehicles, their own delivery staff, it’s all been handed to Contractors who operate a delivery service with under paid self employed foreign operators in vehicles that can only be described as RUSH BUCKETS!

These individuals are on wages less than £4 an hour and get penalised if any parcels go missing, irrespective if it’s their fault or not. Vehicles breakdown, but to Smith News it’s not their problem, we pay the contractor for the job to be done!

So there we have the current situation,

Publishers in a world of their own, performing appallingly, not concerned of the problems caused by LATE times at wholesale destinations points, Wholesalers using cheap Contractors to deliver to retailers, hiding from the reality of Newsagents welfare, despite raking in 1.5 MILLION a week in carriage charges! Newsagents are totally fed up with the whole News Trade environment that many are just walking away.