1. NORTHERN SHELL BOSS cuts Newsagents terms AGAIN!
  2. JOHNSON PRESS commit Suicide!
  3. SMITHS NEWS enjoy Christmas with £215 THOUSAND POUNDS from NEWSAGENTS!

Another Christmas day nearly over and for many of us professional Newsagents have enjoyed our one day off a year, recharged the batteries and ready for the onslaught of Boxing day, the busiest sporting day of the year. However, many retailers have decided to shut up shop, and who can really blame them when the News Industry continues to shoot itself in the foot?

RICHARD DESMOND, the Northern Shell boss has announced that from January the 2nd the DAILY EXPRESS will follow the footsteps of its sister paper the DAILY STAR and reduce the Saturday edition retail price to 45p, again stabbing his bread and butter Newsagent partners in the back with reduced profit margins.

Express Newspapers, which has also refused to give staff a pay rise for the eighth consecutive year, is not at this stage thought to be looking to reduce headcount to hit a target of saving about £3.5m, but obviously the “brain dead shark” newspaper owner has decided we Newsagents can bear the blunt of his inability to produce a value for money newspaper that the readers would want to buy on a regular basis.

Lets face it, the current standard of the Daily Express is pitiful, editorial at its lowest ebb, and the marketing team have their brains planted in the wrong position! We are 5p cheaper than the Daily Mail and ten times better! Who’s kidding who? who gives a “monkeys” about five pence, certainly not the opposition Associated Mail Newspapers.

So what’s Desmond expect to happen, the sales will increase which will help him to sell both Newspapers in 2016? its not going to happen, some people believe his figures have increased with the DAILY STAR half price newspaper, but this website knows many newsagents who have deleted the title altogether, refusing to work for a miserable return of under 5p for each copy!

JOHNSON PRESS, the local newspaper mongrel has again decide to insult the public by increasing the selling newspapers yet again,  in Webbo’s area the Tuesday LYNN NEWS mostly 40 pages has gone up 5p to 80p!  LINCOLNSHIRE FREE PRESS, and the SPALDING GUARDIAN exactly the same.

Total suicidal, and to make matters even worse, this particular week they are taking a holiday by NOT producing the Lynn News, or next Tuesdays edition, and the Lincolnshire Free Press is also NOT being published. More lost revenue for the Newsagents!

Finally, we come to SMITHS NEWS, the wholesaler who fails miserably in producing a delivery service expected to so many Newsagents across the Country for the extortionate carriage charge payment they receive each week.

Brian Webb was asked recently by a senior News trade official not to mention this matter before this Christmas, and that will show that Newsagents in general are not concerned that SMITHS NEWS hierarchy have been eating their Christmas dinner today, knowing that we gullible Newsagents have handed them a £215 thousand pounds bonus for NOT turning a wheel.

No papers printed, No contractors to pay, No warehouse’s used, No electricity to pay, No nothing!

But they again take £215 grand of our money. One newsagent said, what’s £7.15p! Its comments like this that emphasise most strongly why retailers are being shafted in the news trade today.

We hear so many Newsagents complaining about MENZIES, but at least Menzies changed their contract terms last year when our namesake was in the courts with SMITHS NEWS on this particular matter.

One thing is for sure, SMITHS NEWS may think they have got away with this at the moment, but rest assured the matter is far from over, all Courts don’t have gullible judges! WATCH THIS SPACE!