Some 15 years ago a NFRN delegate making his maiden speech at the Torquay Annual Conference told the News Trade Industry will slowly but surely destroy each other unless all three parties (Publishers, Wholesalers, and us Independent Newsagents started to work TOGETHER as a unit striving for the success.  Since that time, the situation has remained the same, with Publishers having the monopoly to do as they wish, Wholesalers in a world of their own pushing carriage charges to the limit whilst fuel prices continue to fall, and the Independent newsagents being shafted at every opportunity Publishers made a decision to become more greedy.

None more so than the news just released that Associated Mail Newspaper publishers have announced that the Daily Mail Monday to Friday copy will increase its price by 5p to 65p, that’s 25p a week for each copy whilst the newsagents hand out has been a pathetic 2.90p, because the Publisher has made the decision to cut retailers terms from 23.2% to 22.4%!

So despite this increase bringing in the Daily Mail some ONE and half MILLION pounds a month, the greedy publisher wanted more, the HND Newsagents especially are having a tough time a present have been shafted yet again, and even more alarmingly this Publisher showed the whole industry how unprofessional they have become, when they shamefully failed to announce the terms cut in the letter sent to every retailer!

This latest terms cut has been taken badly by the trade in general, newsagents realising that unless this decision by Mail newspapers is challenged, other publishers will follow the same route and cut their terms to 22.4%. Newsagents are meeting shortly to discuss a action plan, and its quite obvious Mail Newspapers could suffer in the months ahead.

The News Trade Industry will continue to  struggle for a number of reasons, most Publishers have no vision of the way forward, and retailers are falling by the wayside totally destroyed by their so called partners within the trade. Unless common sense prevails, more and more newsagents will walk away leaving the HOME NEWS DELIVERED COPY (which still remains Publishers number one priority) will a service of the past. EVERYONE CONNECTED TO THE TRADE IS BEING WARNED.