Tuesday May 23rd 2017 may eventually go down into the News Trade Industry history books, as the day when all three parties joined together to change the current delivery mechanism to benefit everyone!

IN his opening speech HNDA boss Brian Webb, emphasised so strongly that four years ago he formed a new organisation solely for HND entrepreneurs who despite everything within the trade remain the most important people attached to home news delivery. The days of any HNDA newsagent losing money through Publishers failing to reach wholesaler destinations on time is over, Webb emphasised most strongly that Publishers are now printing some SEVEN MILLION copies a day LESS now than they were TEN years ago, there are no excuses,  cut off times have to be met EVERYDAY, no more Editors wanting extra minutes, the HND copies have to be on the breakfast tables each day. Some 1563 Re-Runs this year already is an improvement said the meeting! there shouldn’t be any re-runs!

HNDA boss went on to inform publishers that from July 1st all re-runs would cost them money, our members have had enough, there are too many people walking away from the News Industry totally had a “gut full”, none more so than the guy down South who had over 300 plus HND customers and decided two weeks ago, that’s it, I cant work with these unprofessional people any more, and just stopped delivering over night! The Industry cannot afford to lose these firm sale orders.

Webb emphasised a number of reasons why on time deliveries could be achieved, one publisher stated he was spending £600 a night recently with extra vehicles after one particular area had FOUR RE-RUNS in EIGHT DAYS, so they saw the problem, done something to eliminate the anger and costs involved. When asked by a publishers what happens when the Europa Football match final tomorrow night goes  into extra time and penalties, do we hang on production or print the normal time?  PRINT to NORMAL TIME! How about June 8th Election he said, and the answer was the same, PRINT to NORMAL TIME!

After two hours of talking, we then heard the HNDA boss ask the room a question. Holding up a Smiths News Invoice from 1992 who can tell me what’s the same 25 years on?  before anyone had the chance to let their brains work overtime, Webb said vouchers payment of 1p, remains. weekend supplements 2p remains twenty five years done the road, one publisher asked what do you want? to which the HNDA boss said payment in line with your newspapers prices, this gentleman’s Saturday paper is now £1.00, and at the time 25 years ago it was 30p. We await to see the outcome, but they a fully aware the situation needs addressing URGENTLY.

Hopefully the meeting was a success, only improved results will determined whether it was a waste of time or not, one thing is for sure, the HNDA boss was the only person in the room who was not being paid wages / expenses for the days work, it certainly shows the dedication and commitment of one person who is totally obsessed  to go to whatever lengths needed for the benefit of every HNDA member.