With Publishers and Wholesalers now performing daily on a self destruction mode button, the time has arrived when Newsagents have to join forces together to stop the current anarchy that is becoming a daily problem!  Publishers still in a world of their own, totally oblivious to the daily damage of failing to reach wholesalers warehouses on time, causing mayhem to everyone concern, when everybody connected to the Industry is fully aware that for continued success lies simply with the newspapers being on the customers breakfast table.

On two occasions this week, newspapers have been on a re-run from Smiths News at Peterborough, SUN, TIMES, and TELEGRAPH on Thursday Aug 31st, and the EXPRESS and STAR on Saturday September 2nd. This has caused massive problems for the wholesaler, whereby some newsagents were waiting till as late as 10.30am in many cases, this is absolutely diabolical situation, there is NO excuse, just plain stupidity.

However, despite these horrendous problems with the Publishers, its becoming an absolute nightmare trying to work with SMITHS NEWS, whatever has happened to this Company is mind boggling to say the least!

Late deliveries and missing copies are the norm for most newsagents as rationalisation of depots and jobs cuts continue, while the customer service has been a nightmare, and SMITHS NEWS have the audacity to want a carriage charge increase to enable them to rake in an additional £98 grand a week!

The continuous cutbacks is having a serious effect for all concern, and whilst we have many stories of severe problems all over the Country, let’s take Smiths News performances at PETERBOROUGH.

Over the recent months Smiths News have shut down warehouses from all over the region whereby Peterborough now covers newsagents within a 100 mile radius, not only that staff level is at an all time low, and they even have their own staff who have been there for years saying the situation can only get worse. Not only that, Smiths moved the magazine operation away from Peterborough to Birmingham, whereby now their lorries bring all magazines back to Peterborough FOUR days a week!  What’s wrong with that? nothing except two days running last week the magazines failed to arrive on time meaning newsagents were getting their books 24 hours late!

One newsagent last Saturday (August 26th) reported at 7am no Express / Star received, and at 12 noon was told they would not be coming now as all the drivers had gone home! not only that the same day Smiths News had forgotten to supply any papers to their OWN Wisbech shop!!

Saturday Sept 3rd, one newsagent travelled 120 miles round trip to fetch his Express / Star, and when he got back to base Smiths had delivered his other papers but left one BUNDLE of Suns which was supposed to be a TIMES bundle!

The situation at this time is deadly serious, unless the situation changes overnight many newsagents will walk away from the News Trade altogether, no other industry would except this unacceptable unprofessional performances by both Publishers and indeed Wholesalers.