Once again the recent meeting between all three parties (Publishers, Wholesalers and Independent Newsagents) was thought to be the new way forward for all three bodies to start rowing the News Trade boat in the same direction! There was certainly hope, but as in so many times in the past  it’s turned out to be  another time when Publishers and Wholesalers simply stuck two fingers up to the Newsagents and said ” Sod you Jack” we’ll carry on our merry ways and if we finally destroy the NEWS Industry we can always use the excuse of newspapers are no longer needed!

The News Trade Industry  will become history whilst we allow Publishers and Wholesalers to continue their unprofessional approach of running a successful empire, NEWSPAPERS will always be needed, BUT ONLY if the papers are on the breakfast table each morning. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

A few weeks ago a consortium of Publishers produced a SIX WEEK FREE DELIVERY promotion for all new customers who started having the delivered copy. That was classed as a major step forward, and the HNDA boss stood up and the praised the worked involved but strongly emphasised it would fall on its knees if the current mayhem of delivery times continued. All Publishers present agreed and said they were on the case to get the situation rectified! WHAT’S happening? Newspapers are getting later and LATER!

Why are papers so late Newsagents ask the question?  they are now printing six million copies a day LESS than they were 10 years ago and still they are LATE!  They call it the nightly miracle, Newsagents call it the nightly disaster! Wholesalers have made enormous cut backs in warehouses operations and staff have been laid off, again more reasons why RDT times are very rarely met!

WE still have Publishers increasing the retail price and cutting our terms at the same time, without having the “BALLS” to be honest and straight forward, I was always taught there is only one way forward and that’s one of being honest, but in the News Trade that word is never used.  Telegraph boss said” We can word it as we like, we can set the terms as we like, you are still getting an increase so why the fuss?  SIMPLE; you have cut our terms and in plain English a Newsagent delivering a 100 copies a day is losing £2366 in a 12 month period. GET IT?

Smiths News sent letters out to their customers last week stating it had been brought to their attention that they made a mistake SIX MONTHS previous on a Telegraph insert fee, paying 2p a copy when it should have been for nothing, hence they will be claiming that back on Invoice October 21st! I DONT THINK SO, you learn by your mistakes, and if Smith News are that hard up, then the situation is dire. Carriage charge increases of £4.91 due for next month is heading for a disaster because many Newsagents are simply NOT going to be coughing up, UNTIL such time they get their acts together and provide a service which warrants the outrageous delivery fee. ROCKY TIMES AHEAD for PUBLISHERS and WHOLESALERS!  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.