It was early last year (2017) when HNDA boss called all Publishers and wholesalers to a summit meeting and in conjunction with the NFRN this was held in LONDON last May.

There was an agenda that covered all the current issues surrounding the News Trade Industry, and the only way for this meeting being successful was that we all rowed the same boat

in the same direction together, and the feeling amongst everyone was one of unity.

The HNDA boss spoke at length regarding the topic of voucher and weekend supplement payments, What do you want Publishers asked, and they were told in no uncertain manner

that its been over 30 years since this was first introduced, and this 1p payment for vouchers is embarrassing to everyone, and the same applies to the weekend supplement payment of 2p.

The HNDA boss said both payments should be no less than 5p.

What’s happened since then? absolute nothing, and to rub salt further into the wound, Publishers and the NFRN held another meeting two weeks ago and the HNDA boss was not invited!

So the situation is this, if nothing is done without delay, then the Publishers, Wholesalers and in some respect the NFRN will go along their merry way filling their own pockets with your money,

there’s only one way forward, come and join the HNDA (Home News Delivery Affiliation) and together we can win this battle. they know that, we know that, HNDA are the professional ones who

is led by the man with more experience than anyone within the Industry, and will succeed in making the News Industry successful in the years to come.  See, or contact the man himself on 0800 999 3227.  Membership is still FREE.