Alarm bells have sounded many times before in the News Trade Industry, but never more so than at this present time!

Over the recent weeks hundreds of Home News Delivery Newsagents have lost big business by losing Racing Post bookmakers accounts through no fault of their own. The Independent HND Newsagents have been delivering newspapers from year “dot”, we have been pushed at times from pillar to post by Publishers and indeed Wholesalers, but this latest “kick in the teeth” is one scenario too far!

As your are aware only recently the RACING POST decided to introduce a poly bag edition to include the Betting Shop paper at a price of £5.20p mainly for the benefit of the thousands of bookmakers around the Country. All was going fine, at last Newsagents were being rewarded for their loyalty over the years by earning good money, but up comes a company (CITIBET) with an offer that Racing Post couldn’t refuse! They were now in charge of deliveries and payments, which indirectly saved the shops paying the weekly accounts from the tills.

In recent weeks Citibet have taken bookmakers accounts away from the Newsagents and employed different organisation to carry out the deliveries, but a few days ago they shot themselves in the foot by approaching MENZIES the NEWS WHOLESALERS, and to everyone connected to the News Industries surprise Menzies decided to jump on the money wagon irrespective who they upset.

MENZIES the News Wholesalers only with the Publishers blessing, have a monopolistic delivered system and have now turn to RETAIL as well as WHOLESALE, delivering direct to book makers, taking out the HND Newsagents by claiming 3rd party contracts. They ruthlessly removed accounts from their Independent HND Newsagents, and have even delivered bookmakers papers BEFORE the Newsagents have received their daily news supply. Other Publishers have been advised of later supplies by MENZIES, caused by the new retail side of their business.

Such is the devastation of this action HNDA management have contacted Racing Post Direct and advised them that unless the situation is reversed by July 1st, NO RACING POST newspapers will be on the shelves from that date, in other words only firm sale issues will be honoured.

HNDA are asking every newsagent in the country to join together over this matter, it will give a signal to every Publisher and Wholesaler that we Independent Newsagents will no longer be trampled on by anyone within the trade. What happens if we don’t all stand together? whose next to stab us in the back? Smith News? We have already had many Smiths News  newsagent customers who have stated they will support this action, SOLIDARITY has NEVER been needed like it is at this moment of time.  Please don’t think this wont affect you, this is a deadly serious situation that could explode further unless we join together and fight these money grabbing individuals. ITS OUR MONEY THAT WE HAVE EARN’T OVER THE YEAR they are taking!

We are also in contact with other publishers demanding they move away from MENZIES Wholesale, the News Industry don’t need cowboys who are totally unprofessional in every aspect of News Delivery.

So once again, calling every Newsagent in the Country lets join forces together from July 1st, NO MORE RACING POSTS on the shelves, only together can we win this battle for a brighter future, do nothing and our days are very much numbered.