The News Industry is heading for serious disruption over the coming weeks after it was found out that the Publishers of the SUNDAY POST had increased its selling price to £1.90p, and in doing so decided to also reduce Newsagents terms to an all time low of 19.75%., without having the decency to be honest to its trade partners. Most Newsagents were unaware of the price rise until HNDA announced it through Twitter. Even

Smiths News at Peterborough were unaware, and after checking, had NO written information available for their Newsagent customers! It appears now it was listed on Smiths weekly News Roundup on Friday in very small print, but NO MENTION of a terms reduction!

Many years ago when the Murdock’s and Maxwell’s first cut the trade terms at weekends from the norm of 25.0% one experience HND Newsagent asked the News Industry the question, what happens when it goes below the 20%? and it was fobbed off as some sick news trade joke, but now its happen and the guy concern emphasises the message so strongly to every Newsagent in the Country its time for every Newsagent to fight back, or watch the other publishers copy the SUNDAY POST!

There comes a time when you have to stop and wonder whether its worth the hassle working with these publishers, many including myself find it extremely difficult working with so called partners  who for what ever reason lack the ability to be professional and honest at all times. Another serious pointer they treat us Newsagents with sheer contempt, believing we are second rate citizens unable to work out our terms have been cut yet again. SUNDAY POST Publisher announcement was a classic example of how they respect Newsagents ability, more of a case of robbing the poor to fill their own greedy pockets. The 10p increase was all for their pockets apart from a measly 0.57 of ONE PENCE they kindly gave to us!

So here is the situation, unless the SUNDAY POST Publishers reinstate the previous terms by Saturday July 23rd, all casual sales will be stopped, and HND Newsagents will only carry firm sale orders. We hereby call every Newsagent in the Country to follow HNDA members and only handle firm sale orders,  simply because other publishers are watching our every move and will follow the SUNDAY POST lead and reduce terms if we fail to at last be counted and stick up for ourselves. Remember without us NEWSAGENTS, Publishers and indeed Wholesalers would NEVER survive.

We have been very successful in our fight with the RACING POST Publishers who are losing the income of over 5000 copies a day, due to our remove all casual sales, and the same has to apply with the Sunday POST.  Remember only together (that’s all Newsagents) can we win this battle and have a continuous successful future. There is NO OTHER WAY.

Brian Webb.

HNDA Ltd.  Check us out daily on Twitter @hndanews and @Webbo1Webb: