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Nightmare Weekend for many HND Newsagents!

Its certainly been a weekend nightmare for so many Newsagents around the Country especially in the Bristol area on Saturday and around the Nottingham area on Saturday and Sunday!

On Saturday Smiths News were informing Bristol Customers that the van had broken down, then it was the vehicle had been impounded by VOSA and they had no intention of releasing the SUN. TIMES. and TELEGRAPH papers on board. Dinner time arrived and still no news, then it was the Publishers were reprinting the papers and they would be delivered as soon as possible. Eventually newsagents were receiving those newspapers after 4pm, Saturday Afternoon!

Also yesterday in the Nottingham area the Express, Star, Mirror, and Racing Papers on a re-run, and today Sunday some HND Newsagents never received their supplies until 12 noon! It appears the early morning driver overturn the vehicle and they eventually turned up SIX HOURS later in a DHL vehicle!

So where do we go from here? its obvious to everyone that every HND Newsagent will be out off pocket the last two days, its obvious it wasn’t Smith News fault in Bristol, but the shenanigans of the whole situation is NO fault of the Newsagents who have to be financially reimbursed for any losses occurred.

Yes the Publishers lost money printing the papers for the second time, Smiths News lost money over the weekend, BUT none of this was the fault of the Newsagents.

Personally I would go for VOSA throat for Saturdays delay in Bristol but Smiths News and the guilty Publishers should expect invoices  from Newsagents who suffered appalling losses this weekend!

Has Stupidity finally gone out of the WINDOW?

Newsagents from all over the Country this morning received a letter from the GUARDIAN Head of Sales & Revenue / and News & Media boss Mr Robert Rattley, who informed everyone that the Guardian Newspaper Company had finally lost the plot by increasing the price of the Guardian and Observer newspapers from this coming Saturday January 12th by £1.60p a week.!

The price of the Saturday Guardian and the Sunday Observer goes up 30p to £3.20p, whilst the weekday copy of the Guardian goes up 20p to £2.20p, which sees a everyday customer now coughing up £17.40p a week!

Yes, we Newsagents have to be pleased with the pro-rata terms, BUT its obvious some loyal Guardian customers will walk away, the increase of £1.60p a week is plainly suicidal, but the letter goes even further to destroy the professional Newsagent!

Please help us to encourage subscription through your store!! Your support is essential to the future of our printed titles! What planet are these people on? Encourage subscriptions? and we’ll still pay you the 30 year old price of 1p handling allowance!! WE DON’T THINK SO Mr Rattley!

There have been times when we Newsagents have wondered whether its us who have it all wrong with the News Industry, but letters like this clearly underlines that some Publishers especially the Guardian Group lack the professional ability to succeed within the News Trade Industry.

WE have always said and the News Trade has been fully aware that the Home Delivered copy of all newspapers is everyone’s bread and butter winner, the day that is not the case then it will be alarm bells for everyone.

It’s certainly a sad day for everyone connected to the News Trade Industry!!

Calling ALL Newsagents, we must UNITE together NOW!

The News Trade Industry is facing its biggest test ever at this particular time, simply because the three partners within the trade find it difficult to work together for a prosperous future.

There’s Publishers, two Wholesalers and us the Independent Home News Delivery Newsagents, and despite calling for a unified solution where everyone works together its never happened.

Brian Webb is by far the most experience man in the News Trade, been in trade over 60 years, formed HNDA Ltd five years ago with the understanding to everyone that this organisation was for the benefit of every Newsagent in the Country. We work everyday for the vast amount of members, with what ever issue they have had to face, and all this work over the five years has been totally free of charge, by a man dedicated to every fellow Newsagent within the Country. MEMBERSHIP remains FREE.

Why this call is for every newsagent to unite, is the fact that all Publishers will be receiving notification within the next few days on the changes that is to take place from next month (February). Every member will be receiving a copy of the letter that will show the whole world that HNDA members are no longer going to allow Publishers to dictate Newsagents well fare within the Industry.

No longer are our members going to have terms cut, no longer are our members going to handle vouchers for a 1p fee that was set 30 years ago, no longer are newsagents members going to handle weekend supplements for the same 30 year old rate of 2p. No longer are our members going to except re-runs that cost them money. Our members are in the News Trade to make money, losing money due to Publishers and Wholesalers inability to perform in a professional manner each day is over. AND THERE’s more!

So its your last chance to come and join us, HNDA Ltd is the future of the News Trade, trust me, the days of being dictated by our so called partners is over. NO MORE PINCHING OUR HARD EARN’T MONEY!

Come and join the other Newsagents, simply go to