Its certainly been a weekend nightmare for so many Newsagents around the Country especially in the Bristol area on Saturday and around the Nottingham area on Saturday and Sunday!

On Saturday Smiths News were informing Bristol Customers that the van had broken down, then it was the vehicle had been impounded by VOSA and they had no intention of releasing the SUN. TIMES. and TELEGRAPH papers on board. Dinner time arrived and still no news, then it was the Publishers were reprinting the papers and they would be delivered as soon as possible. Eventually newsagents were receiving those newspapers after 4pm, Saturday Afternoon!

Also yesterday in the Nottingham area the Express, Star, Mirror, and Racing Papers on a re-run, and today Sunday some HND Newsagents never received their supplies until 12 noon! It appears the early morning driver overturn the vehicle and they eventually turned up SIX HOURS later in a DHL vehicle!

So where do we go from here? its obvious to everyone that every HND Newsagent will be out off pocket the last two days, its obvious it wasn’t Smith News fault in Bristol, but the shenanigans of the whole situation is NO fault of the Newsagents who have to be financially reimbursed for any losses occurred.

Yes the Publishers lost money printing the papers for the second time, Smiths News lost money over the weekend, BUT none of this was the fault of the Newsagents.

Personally I would go for VOSA throat for Saturdays delay in Bristol but Smiths News and the guilty Publishers should expect invoices  from Newsagents who suffered appalling losses this weekend!