The Daily Telegraphs letter to fellow trade partners last week regarding the increase prices to their papers was a total rip off, misleading in every sense of the word, hiding the factor that despite increasing their papers by £1-50p a week and we Newsagents were NOT going to receive one single penny for seven months.

Some Newsagents even got this pathetic letter as late as the Saturday the day when the actual paper first went up by 30p, but that’s normal for some publishers within our Industry, no organisation and certainly no brains!

So we have a situation that our current percentage for the next seven months is as follows, daily paper is down to 19.35%, Saturdays down to 19.8% and Sundays to 20.68%. This is totally absurd, just underlining yet again this publisher is hell bent of trying to destroy every newsagent. The real crux of the matter is Newsagents CANNOT survive with margins lower than 21.5%, remembering our lost over the recent years has been as much as 5% which has all gone into Publishers pockets.

To highlight the situation, the Telegraph is taking 6p from your Saturday paper, 4p from the Sunday edition and 21.5p from the five weekday papers, leaving us 31.5p short a week with every COPY sold, so a guy selling 100 copies a day is losing £126.00p a month!

We get all this business of their commitment to work with our valued retail partners, but all the time their only interest is ripping us so called partners off. So the message to all newsagents is be like the rest and come and join the best who will fight all these battles with greedy partners. please go to

The News Trade Industry cannot allow Publishers dictate such barbaric greedy ways in todays environment, no other Industry would allow it, and we are going to change the situation by fighting back which has NOT been seen before.