MThere comes a time in life when one has no other option but to put pen to paper even in the News Trade Industry. Such time has certainly arisen.

Like many other Newsagents I have been in the News Industry a very long time, I know everything there is to know within the trade, and now the time has come for the outside world to know what we newsagents have had to put with over the recent years.

Its always been known there are three sides on the News Industry football pitch, the Publishers, Wholesalers and the most important ones the HND Newsagents, and providing where all shooting in the same direction, then the News Trade Industry would continue to prosper for many years. But That’s NOT happening!

When I entered the Industry, profits ranged from 35% for magazines and Newspaper profits were 28%, then it became 26.5% and that was norm for a number of years before the two big guys within the trade Maxwell and Murdock decided they wanted some of our hard-earnt profit. Since this time, ever publisher when increasing the selling price have always hid the true facts that they have cut retailers terms.

Over the recent years all Publishers have cut Newsagents terms without once being honest in the way of printing the old and new terms, and because everyone has allowed them to get away with it and some Newsagents are now losing £300 a week plus with the 5% terms that has been LOST!

When I was with the NFRN on the News Trade Committee I said so many times that not informing the retailer of the old and new terms in black and white is not worth the paper it’s printed on, they didn’t want to know, there was too many at Yeoman House more interested in feeding their own back pockets with members money rather than giving them the value of their membership. It was always the Publishers will do as they like, BUT THAT is why those people will now run and hide, because Brian Webb and his HNDA organisation can now prove everyone that he was right all along.

Over the past three weeks I on behalf of the members of HNDA have had meetings with three large-Lawyer firms, and I produced recent Newsagents price increase letters from the TELEGRAPH. the MIRROR Group, and the RACING POST for them to browse over.

Not only do they agree with me 100%, that any notification letter that is received without the old and new terms percentages in writing is null and void, and also two of the three lawyers have also stated I could go back FIVE Years! And there is MORE.

In 1989, the Publishers started selling their newspapers via a voucher, and we Newsagents were awarded a 1p handling allowance, this was THIRTY years ago, and the Publishers still get away with the same payment method (1p) today. Further-more Publishers also started to have weekend supplements for some National papers and again Newsagents were awarded a 2p payment, and again that rate of pay remains today THIRTY years later.

However, the HNDA boss has contacted all Publishers regarding the payment for handling vouchers and insertion payment for weekend supplements, and has informed them that as from April 1st 2019 HNDA members charge for handling the said vouchers will be 5p, whilst inserting weekend supplements will rise to 4p.

The days of working with our so-called trade partners (Publishers and wholesalers) will continue, BUT the days of the Newsagents being ripped off has come to an end. We are NO longer going to be skivvies for our partners (PUBLISHERS) Shareholders! GOT IT?