Over the recent years the antics by some Publishers has led to a number of Newsagents walking away from the News Trade Industry totally mesmerised that all three parties are NOT on the same side of the fence after all, so what is the point of working, and recent events that have come to a head today clearly showing this Publisher NO longer wishes to work with retailers or more to the point with the News Trades main players, the guaranteed copy by the Home News Delivered Newsagent!

Lets take Reach PLC, the company who according to reports spends £126 million to buy the Express titles, then twice turns the Mirror newspaper into an expensive under value daily tabloid, plus under handily cuts Newsagents terms in a manner which is classed as illegal because they failed to inform their so called news partners of the new trade terms!

Over the recent weeks its been revealed on the Social media sites that the sports section of the Sunday People has a full page spread picturing the Daily Mirror and offering to have the full newspaper loaded onto your tablet each morning for TWO MONTHS FREE!

Today March 26th, one of the Country’s largest HND Newsagents has decided enough is enough, this Publishers actions which is destroying the news trade stone dead and is killing fellow newsagents livelihoods faster than ever expected.

This newsagent is totally devastated that one of his customers of 32 years had decided that she was going to except the Mirrors offer of moving away from the printed copy and except the offer of having the Daily MIRROR downloaded to her tablet each morning for £6.99p a MONTH!

So here is the Publisher who has increased the current price twice within the past year to £6.80p a week, cuts our terms twice within that period, and they have staff offering OUR CUSTOMERS the chance to move away from the printed copy for a paltry fee of £6.99p a month.

Yesterday March 25th, the MIRROR was FOUR hours late into Smiths Peterborough warehouse, no doubt REACH PLC were working overtime getting more readers on the £6.99 offer, but what ever tricks they come up with next, the printed copy will always be around, not so sure if that includes the MIRROR!!