There comes a time in life when one has no other options but to put pen to paper. Such time has certainly arisen, especially for the Home News Delivery Newsagents within the News Trade Industry.

Over the recent years Publishers have slowly destroyed the Industry by continuing blaming the Internet as an excuse, whilst producing newspapers that simply fail to be value for money. Their constant greed is on show for everyone to see, but the dishonesty attached makes the professionals in our trade cringe with thought!

Reach PLC the new Mirror group publishers is a typical example of why the News Trade is struggling at this time, despite the efforts of others fighting all the latest technologies within the computer world. We have many top professional HND Newsagents working their “nuts” off every day of the year, many have more customers at this time than they have ever had, simply because of the way they adapt their HND business in this present climate to continue to succeed, BUT all the time we have Publishers just trying to destroy our business with under handed terms cut.

REACH PLC latest move is typical the under handed way they try and bluff there ways of taking more of our profits, without having the professional decency of being honest. Take this weeks news flash regarding the Sunday Mirror and People, the price is increased by 10p to £1.70 and they are NOT satisfied with that they decide to take 1.25p from Newsagents profit of the 2.10p

Terms cut to 20.50%, and they haven’t the “guts” to be honest, they merely print profits to retailers will increase to 34 85p per copy sold! Not the factor that our profits should have remained at 21.0% would have rewarded us Newsagents by 35.70%. So they take another .85p of our money! YES agreed totally greedy “baskets”! Just to put the matter in order, over the past few years Publishers have eaten away 5% of Newsagents profits, so if the figure at this precise moment was still 25.5% our profits from the latest increase by Reach PLC would be 43.35p per copy sold, showing Publishers are taking 8.50p of our profits per copy, so a Newsagent who sells 200 copies weekly is losing 17 pound a week, £884 a year!!

Angry, of course Newsagent are livid with the Publishers who have no desire to work with their trade partners, but that is all about to change! WATCH THIS SPACE Mr Publisher, you will find you’ll need Home Delivered Newsagents more than you realise!!