MOST Newsagents within the Country are up in arms with the news that the Publishers of the TELEGRAPH have decided to increase the selling price of the daily paper by a staggering £3.10p a week from Monday Feb 3rd. Its 50p extra Monday to Friday with a 30p increase at the weekend.

Furthermore. according to the unsigned letter with 65% of all copies are sold by the highly successful subscriptions programme, it means as they will NOT be able to increase those customers prices for another 12 months so they have decided to cut our terms to 17% for a six month period, and when they do actually rightfully give us our due profits, they have cut our terms by another 1% (to 20.5%)!

So in theory, by the time August is upon us we Newsagents would have been working for them for 17% for 12 months out of the last 18 months! Not only that they want us to convert our customers to their subscription, which would be easy as they will now be offering a 35% reduction on the current prices!!

Now the current situation is deadly serious, no more time sitting around and let publishers dictating the News Trade, what other industry would allow a party take our profits just because they cant charge the current subscription customers with the increase prices. This Newsagent of 63 years is NOT going to lose some £1245 over the next six months, and is NOT going to deliver any new orders on subscription.

A number of HND newsagents have stopped their surplus copies, a number have vowed to send all their Telegraph customers a letter explaining the situation and asking them the question “is it time to change their morning reading habits to other less expensive newspapers!

At the end of the day its the Newsagents choice, this move by the “gutless” Telegraph is the latest of a long list of problems within our trade, working together is a myth to these arrogant individuals who professional ability to be honest and above board to its fellow partners is severely limited, and unless we fight back the situation will get even worse.

To cut our terms from August 1st after taking our due profits without having the decency to be honest and up front just shows everyone what a under handed people they really are, taking our profits for six months is scandalous as our lawyers pointed out last year this would certainly fail in the high courts.

Many HNDA members have been in touch, very angry, very annoyed, and certainly going to fight back any way possible, they know NO Newsagent can stand still, so here’s calling all Home News Delivery Newsagents to contact Brian Webb at HNDA headquarters ( and together we will win this battle so the news trade can continue to prosper for the considerable future.

Be WARNED, doing nothing is NO LONGER an OPTION.