For many years its been the same old story that there are THREE players on the News Trade Football pitch supposedly shooting into the same direction, BUT Newsagents especially the ones operating the HND service are constantly being shafted from pillar to post.

Take the TELEGRAPH in February they increased it’s price by £3.30p a week and we allow them to cut our terms for SIX months which is losing many Newsagents a thousand plus pounds in that period. No one says a word, the NFRN and even the weekly trade magazine RN remain numb!

With the Country facing the biggest problems ever with this Corona Virus which is currently killing hundreds of people daily, it makes one wonder why as the Prime Minister stated that the essential people in life like all HND newsagents would be allowed to deliver their news everyday. Many including the HNDA boss at 75 are working their nuts off taking on mega amount of new customers because the Public have to stay indoors, and all the time we have one bright spark who is trying his utmost to kill the trade stone dead. That means Wholesalers and us Independent Home News Delivery Newsagents could be out of business unless the whole News Trade Industry stops the DAILY MAIL editor in his tracks in attempting to get their readers to go on their screen, by passing the printed copy.

We HNDA were informed by a Mail executive that there are many Newsagents who have shut shop during this lock down and many areas have no HND newsagents within the facility so we’re losing thousands of copies daily, plus the fact the Daily Mail is a long way behind the Telegraph and Times with paid digital copies! ( who gives a monkeys?)

The current advertising on the MAIL front page daily, is causing huge concern to the Industry, and even Wholesalers now will be worrying that if this idiot had a lot of success it could very well mean the wholesalers losing their business!

It’s well known that yours truly has always stated that the delivered copy will always be number one within the News Trade, but when the Industry is faced with brain dead officials it certainly doesn’t do anyone any favours. It doesn’t take much brains to realise if the MAIL are allowed to continue this way forward, then the offer of SIX WEEKS free delivery should be along side of the Digital edition, so the readers have the choice, and if that’s on the front page then so is both side by side!

HNDA were also faced with the Mail sprouting we are offering readers 6 weeks FREE DELIVERY, but its supposed to be for new orders ONLY, but most HND newsagents are receiving vouchers from already newspaper customers. So the HND Newsagents are NOT gaining new orders. but more importantly its costing them money simply because most HND newsagents delivery charge is far more than the 2.09p offered.

The News Trade can still be prosperous business despite the current problems providing the THREE partners can still work together, but if others follow the MAIL like the EXPRESS did (page 61) in todays (11th) then the road ahead will be very rocky in more ways than one especially for certain Publishers.