My staff have worked every day throughout this Coronavirus mess, and we’ve seen 343 news customers come on board. Our reward through all this is working with some Publishers who seem hell bent to destroy the printed copy, but no matter how they keep trying the printed copy will outlast us all.

The RN this week rightly covered new national publisher on the scene REACH PLC. After spending £146 million taking over the Express News Group, they have taken their news sellers profits without having the decency to be HONEST. Could REACH circulation boss Neil Jagger ever see newsagents increasing their customer’s delivery charge without fair notice?

All the excuses from Jagger are pure nonsense.” we have been able to past on a major part of the increase of 10p to the retailer”? RUBBISH. You increase the papers by 10p with no notice and under handily took another 0.9p per copy, reducing our margins to 20%.

The continuous pinching of newsagents profits means we are now losing 9p a copy on every Sunday Mirror and People delivered from the original terms of 25%. Based on a newsagent having 200 copies weekly it means news sellers are losing over £9000 a year!

Jagger says” we have invested £1m in persuading readers to take up home delivery”, but many of these people are already HND customers, IN fact the whole exercise is costing the newsagents money in delivery fees.

There is NO newsagent in the COUNTRY who deserves to be treated in this appalling manner.

Brian Webb.